Wednesday, October 12, 2005



after a week of fasting, i finally satisfied my craving for nasi kerabu+solok. and kuih keria. yummy.


every ramadhan, i will see this one friend at masjid shah alam. sometimes we talk a bit, sometimes i just eye her from afar. we were best of friends during primary years. at least that's what i feel. we used to compete, have cat fights n tease each other about boys. ha. one thing i remembered the most was our promise to open up our own architectural firm one day. now i'm doing something else but she's still chasing the same dream. we hardly keep in touch these days. n it makes me sad. i guess that's it with friends. some will stay, some go away. regardless, she's still my fren.

2nite i saw her sister. she's nowhere to be seen. i saw another friend's mother too, and cikgu S fr raja muda. what a small world. i mean, shah alam. pusing2 orang tu jugak. recycle.

i've come to know quite a lot of ppl in the course of my life. then again, 'a lot' is a subjective matter. some leave a prominent mark while some just blend in the background. effacing noticably.

some ppl, my friends, soar n succeed anywhere they go. they become important, popular and in fact, the leaders. i'm just happy n honoured to be associated with them. some are downright unique. no words can describe the uniqueness of their personality. ahha. and yes, there are a few annoying ones. well, like family, u cant really choose ur friend. or can u? truth is, i'm glad to have known these ppl.


my life is less than perfect. whose doesnt?

dont be afraid of the dirt. come on and play.

unless u get up fr ur lazy arse n make the difference, things wont change baby.

u should know that u cant dictate every single thing in life. so accept it. chew it. swallow it. then move on. be happy. be thankful.


"Dan apabila Kami kurniakan ni'mat kepada manusia, berpalinglah dia serta menjauhkan diri (dari bersyukur); dan apabila ia ditimpa kesusahan, maka ia berdo'a - merayu dengan panjang lebar" Surah Fussilat 41:51

oleh itu, ingat Allah bukan sj mase fail paper, tapi mase dapat A+ jugak. bukan sj mase putus cinta frust menonggeng, tapi mase tengah zaman angau jugak. bukan aje mase sakit tak boleh bangun, tapi mase tgh sihat main bola. bukan masa ramadhan je, tapi sepanjang tahun.

Tuhan pun sentiasa ingat kat kita. kan?!


i'm amazed by the human mind. seriously. how it works. how it works differently fr one person to another. and how it doesnt work, for some ppl. pity them.

xx peace out xx

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spinelessfuleyes said...

hey monkey..nice post :o)
weh gile kena buke sama2. beta akan balik pada 23hb. me wants yummy food. jb nye mknan mahal sial tol.