Friday, November 18, 2005



exam updates:-

4 down, 3 more to go.

so far, i think the papers were okay. except for FAR 400. scary. ultimate supremo susah. if only the time ws extended another half an hour.

calculated my FAR marks with the most prudence manner. not overstating anything and it's just above the passing mark, that is if i dont overlook anything. carry mark pun seciput je. plz plz plz dont fail my FAR. tanak repeat.



cannot wait to see harry!!! i've seen the trailer, behind the scenes and everything else about h.potter ATGOF on tv/net.. cant wait for the real movie.

kalau umur panjang, 24hb jgk mau tgk lepas paper MAF, and before BEL. hehe


abah n mak got an invitation to a friend's daughter's wedding. and the girl is kamil's age. 21. in fact both the bride n groom are kamil's kenalan. dah nak kawin. all i can say is.............wah!!!

there isnt any 'right' age to get married kan? or how soon is too soon? i mean go get married if u're ready. but bear in mind, marriage comes with big responsibilities, not just, mmm, well.

i have this principle/philosophy that i hold on to. namanya falsafah cinta zarina. eheh. bunyi macam jiwang. but it's not. it's practical yet sacred. not everyone can comprehend. tak heran pun asalkan saya bahagia.

bahagia ke?

stadi.stadi.stadi. itu yg paling penting kan sekarang?! kan nina?!

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Zamil said...

Hahah Good Luck Nina!!!FAR 400 sgt susah. I pun taknak repeat...Sedey the way, The Cawan or Gelas Berapi sgt Best.

I wonder what is Falsafah cinta Zarina? hehehe

p/s: Adakah anda menyukai seseorang yang bakal bergelar doktor di kemudian hari? Doktor and Accountant. Wah! Bahagia,bahagia...hehhehe