Wednesday, December 28, 2005

first day of my 5th sem


kalu org yg kite syg ckp kite ni 'disappointing', sedih kan?

wat u have said cannot be unsaid laaa.....the harm is done

whatever it is, today is my 1st day of the 5th sem.. harini start kelas, esok baru register. and i still havent paid my fees. hehe. (kat bank islam tadi, amek nombor dlm 4050, tapi ms tu baru turn 3229... giler hape beratus nk kene tunggu.) but the good news of the day is, scholarship money for last semester dah masuk, n the penny-less nina baru jadi orang kaya baru. ahha

so today, we only have 2 classes, FAR 450 and MGT brape ntah.

i just found out this morning that there were 15(or 18) of us in my batch who failed FAR400. that's almost half ppl. kelas FAR semakin sunyi sepi bila ramai classmates yg dah xde. tadi dlm kelas, only 8ppl turned up. i used to say to myself "ee, boringnye kelas tu, sikit giler orang, tak happenning..." everytime i walk pass a class with a scanty number of students. lihat skrg ape dah jadi?

according to our lecturer, she's the 'garang' type, so hopefully her garangness will affect us, in a positive way la kan... we are a bunch of ppl who can no more be 'suap(ed)' dgn jawapan semata2 tanpa membuat hw, or merely xeroxing other ppl's work a period b4 FAR.

btw, she also said..."if u think FAR 400 is difficult, FAR 450 is more difficult". it's more technical..

"FAR 400 tu mcm terminator 1 aje, yg terminator dier arnold schwarzenegger yg tak ganas sgt tu... tapi, FAR 450 ni, lagi la, mcm terminator 3 yg pompuan tu, yg bole jadi air segala...."

yes, our terminator...oops, lecturer, can be pretty funny. she used that example in class n hari ni je, baper kali keluar perkataan 'bodo' dlm class. in a comical way of course.

kayla, nak tdo..

esok class pagi....

alamak, blm smbhyng isyak lagi.....

.............................................................. i need a hug..........

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