Wednesday, January 04, 2006

random thoughts


i was outside just now, sending kaklong to her car and saying goodbye. a while after she was gone, i looked up at the sky. tonight defintely is a starry night. bright, with loadsa stars. like tiny diamonds on a piece of velvet. very beautiful. i always get that certain feeling when i look at the stars. the feeling of how small i am. also, i cant stop feeling that somebody else, somewhere else is also looking up, seeing the same thing i see, and the stars are delivering the unspoken message.

sometimes, u believe what u want to believe...


when u hear about muda mudi masa kini doing indecent things, you just shake your heads and say "ape nak jadi la bdk2 zaman skarang....". but when u actually hear that your own friend do it, the harder it becomes for u to swallow n digest the fact. well i heard that he/she was drunk then, and maybe had not a clue whatsoever on what he/she was doing..... but that is no excuse... sedih... mintak dijauhkan.. i really hope that after knowing the story, i boleh stil kawan cam biasa la ngan dier. but it's not very easy to look at him/her the same way. ntahlaa....


tak ku sangka mereka tidak lagi berpacaran.... very unlikely.. i just heard about it today, that one month old news. yela, kurang bergosip. haha.

"dulu, aku tak kesah kau jumpa yang lain.. yelah, kita pun memang tak sesuai. macam langit dengan bumi. tapi, kau langsung tak bagi grace period.. tiap hari kat kelas nampak.. kat lif nampak.. korang dua asyik depan mata.. sengsara betul........"

hehe.... jiwang kan? itu dulu punya cerita. which i now find it.... ntah tak tau nk ckp. biaselah, semorang ade masing2 pnye 1st time.

i am much more stable now. Much Much More.


owh, it's 2006 already!! happy belated new year ppl!! and to ain (who got to take pictures with mawi @ klia, "HEPI BELATED BIRTHDAY, WOMAN!!"

i'm not gonna write about how i dont have any resolutions this year because i never stick to them. it will be a cliche. i do have some targets to achieve, but not to be disclosed here. i will tell u though, that i will not try to lose a few pounds or quit smoking (not that i smoke). haha.

anyways, i'll be 21 this year. i dont feel Old. just older. it's almost time for me to morph in to a beautiful mature butterfly...


this semester, i'm taking the "Marketing and Human Resource Management" course. we didnt really learn about it in our first class today, but we had some kind of a 'chilly' ice breaking. owh, seram sejuk.

a few frends and i came late to class. we were made to sit in front of the class, facing everyone else. malu tak malu nye i!!!! hehe.. Dr Naim ckp "kamu ni baru sem 5, dah malas!!!" seriously, mase tu jugak rase mmg tak nak lagi datang lambat sesaat pun. he made us write a list of rules, the do's n dont's in his class.

1. Boleh Ponteng....... semasa cuti semester dan cuti umum.(duh!)
2. Boleh Meniru dalam peperiksaan.... seperti jawapan yang dikehendaki (double duh!)
3. Jangan Lalai...... kalu lalai bla bla bla bla
4. Bawa text book setiap kali kelas
5. Setiap org pelajar mesti bawak white board marker ke kelas
6. Amalkan konsep Berpasangan dalam kehidupan (or something like it)
7. Kene buat nota panjang, dan nota pendek
8. bla bla bla
9. yada yada yada

macam ni lah lebih kurang list nyer.. wow, i actually remember most of them. hehe. anyway, ramai yg cakap, he's a wee bit scary. nina yg dulu mungkin akan rasa cam tu jgk kot, but not now. itu yg saya pelajari fr ayah saya.

abah, a.k.a dr indiana jones, byk jgk cerita pasal bende2 halus/mistik ni. keris suma. bende ni, susah nak ditulis, tapi.....

takpela, it will be a topic for another day.. i'm feeling very sleepy....

"nanti, nina dah abis belajar, abah akan ceritakan... sekarang ni, concentrate ape yang belajar, ikut syllibus.. abah tak nak cemarkan pemikiran nina......"

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