Sunday, March 12, 2006

shah alam green adventure- full report



happy birthday aqieya!! muah muah kiko!! HEHE
and to zamil, happy belated birthday.. wahai teammateku(you have a pic of my tudung, n i have a few pics of you during ur cramp episode, so we're even! muehehe)

dear mr carl,

how could this happen? after everything we've done.. u dont like the name, do you?!

ingatkan nak tulis full report psl shah alam green race.... tapi, tak larat . panjang sangat. sila baca kat blog zamil, sesapa yg nak baca. or call me, and let me tell you the whole story, complete with sound/special effects..hehe

sape tgk anugerah sri angkasa tadi? bukankah mawi itu seorang manusia yg amat chumills?!

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