Friday, April 14, 2006

kuch kuch hota hai

this is me releasing my tension or whatever negative energy out of my body... (sempena study week)


*macamla dia sorang dlm dunia ni nak pekse*

anyway, i've covered CBS (consolidated balance sheet) n done some exercises. TAX baru 2 chapters. so far okay. skrg ni lenguh2 badan. plus, i have such weak willpower that i cant resist the temptation of getting online. what was i thinking la not to touch the pc till sunday. baru jumaat pukul 12.32am pun tangan dah gatal2. and my pc was already memanggil2 'marila nina, put ur fingers on me....'

skrg ni rase cam nk tgk sgt kuch kuch hota hai.. tadi kat radio, 88.5 fm kot, ade lagu kuch kuch hota hai. tu station ape ntah. n skrg plk tgh dgr koi mil gaya, yg disend oleh cik aqie yg juga gorjes. hehe.
owh but the story is too long. i cant waste 3++hrs watching it. nnti nangis mata bengkak n ngantuk tak leh stadi plk. have to put on hold that plan of mine. or maybe after FAR because we have 1week gap before the next paper.

i think i just want to sing and dance...

btw, if a guy friend whom i kinda like (as in the case of anjali n rahul), tries to practise saying i lap u which is intended for someone else (lets just assume her name is tina), im gonna KOREK HIS BIJIK MATA.. and LENYEK sampai PENYEK..

'do not under estimate what im capable of doing' huargaha. gahaha. hagahaga.. gahaggag..aa.

this is getting stupid. ciao. mau smbg stadi.

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