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i need a day off. so today i barely touched my books. but its only 9.17pm now. i'll selak2 something later. LAW. MAF. whichever. but like ju said, after u're done with FAR, its like u're done with the finals altogether. haih. the rest of what's left are all reading subjects. my forte. hehe. no lah. i always 'menggoreng' when it comes to theory-based questions. hmmph. not good not good. nak kene baca la pasni..

referring to aqie's latest entry, i definitely understand how she feels. it sure is good to have someone who can make u feel 'bersemangat' and 'teruja' at our fac. i soo dah terbiasa 'nak-tengok-mamat-tu-tapi-buat-buat-tak-nampak and think (hope) that he's actually looking'. muahaha. im so used with normal pulse rate i want my heart to skip a beat once in a while lah. hmm. tapi cam xde hasil so far. bosan.

i miss my old roommates. zaman 216/6 adelah time yg paling besh mase zaman diploma. and last nite, i went out with my old roomies with their new roomies whom i know. and we ate kerang bakar n keropok incah yg sgt yummy at sec 24. there was this one place where we used to hang out when we were in akasia. it's called sokang. well at least we call it sokang. (esSO tepi longKANG). situ tempat lepak yg best utk makan nasik malam. tapi skrg sokang dah lain, according to ju.

so anyway last nite kami berteka-teki. and gelak2. i had so much fun walaupun makan kerang bakar je. mm, i love teka teki bodo as much as i like p ramlee movies. ahha. okay maybe this comparison is not so suitable, but u do get what i mean kan? ju, kepala angsa yang first tu pegi mane?????? muheheheheeh. i loikke.

and we've promised each other that we're gonna watch pirates of the carribean 2, together, and then go ice-skating. just like what we did the first time captain jack sparrow was screened.

4) SPOT QUESTIONS (BAcc part 5)
resource: forwarded smss

LAW: saloman v. saloman case, effects of incorporation, lifting the corporate veil (3 examples), 2a.promoter's duties, fiduciary duties, erlanger v. gluckstein case, 2b., pre-incorporation contract sec 35(1), sec 35(2), ratification- implied n express, ultra vires, corporate transactions, apparent authority, principle of estoppel, freeman v. lockyer case, turquand rule n exception, loan capital, director- qualification n disqualification, loan to director, duties under common & statutory law, minority protection, AOA, restriction of transfer n section 33(3).

MGT: marketing: pricing, communication, segmentation, product life cycle (def of new product)
HRM: recruitment, compensation, termination, training

MAF: performance evaluation, ROI n proposals, combination of ABC&target costing&kaizen,product life cycle, comment critically(cost mgt system), benchmarking, variance (sales volume & sales price).

i say: baca je laa suma wahai korang

kempen ini dianjurkan utk batch FT AC part 5 2006. bertujuan utk merapatkan hubungan, memeriahkan lagi batch kite, melepaskan tension n 2 ENJOY =) . dijangka akan diadakan pd 9th may 2006. marila beramai2 memeriahkan kempen ini! p/s : pass the msg to others.

source: forwarded sms.

i went to HEP today, bahagian kewangan. initially i thought of postponing the repayment of my loan which currently totalled up to around 10947. but upon hearing the explaination n advice fr the officer, i think id better start paying back now cause otherwise the interest's gonna be higher. and i sooo dont wanna berhutang byk2.

maybe they are not as famous as other celebrity couples, (who wants to be famous rite?)tapi saya rasa mereka tu sweet. like erra n yusry is so overrated (n look what's happened to them). dont make me start on female-celebrity-kawin-dato' pulak. 'tak kuasa mak'. sebenarnya, sy suka lagu ajai n nurul yg serasi bersama tu.

Kita bagai satu permata
Terbelah bercantum semula
Hingga langsung tiada terlihat garisnya
Pemisah halus rambut dibelah halus

Kita bagai satu jiwa
Yang bercerai terpatri kembali
Hingga langsung tiada terlihat lainnya
Di dalam hanya ada kekasih hati

(i just copy n paste the chorus, for i refuse to let my blog become one of those lyric-infested blogs)

terengganu is "Ding-jia-nu" in mandarin.
and "Toreng-ga-nu" in japanese.

9) I, ApArt fR0m nAnA & K@KL0Ng, hAte pe0PLe Wh0 wrITE lIKe tHi$. iT's Not c0OL. IT'$ @nNoYiNg...

10) ten. ten. ten. (no idea lah actually)

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