Saturday, August 12, 2006

three days

these three days...


it's kamil's last day in malaysia. been trying to get some quality time with dear brother. so i skipped MAF. actually, ive been missing the same class last wednesday. while watching TV my cell phone rang. i was so kecut perut when i saw the caller id is 03- 5xxxxxxx, ie a shah alam number. i thought it was my lecturer calling me so i left it unanswered, secretly thinking what excuse should i give. either my cat died or an alien stole my car keys. then it rang again. haih. rupa2 it was izyan calling me to ask something about our practical training.

me and kamil managed to get into a 'brotherly-sisterly' fight in the kitchen during lunch which left my mum marah-marah. gedik sungguh.

"nenek, kamil asyik pukul nina...."

"biarlah, ni pukul yang penghabisan. nanti dia dah tak de....."

((kamil sudah tersengih-sengih))

life is unfair, i tell you.

later that day i went to buy some stuff with kamil n mak. mak letih, so she sat somewhere while i teman kamil who was looking for a nail clipper. on our way to sri kota we bumped into cikgu suraya, my f3 teacher yg tersgt amat lah sporting. so kitorang borak2 la. i even introduced my brother to her.

"adik kamu ni, baik budaknya"

"ala cikgu, dier suka buli saya"

lepas tu, kamil pi cakap

"saya ni, teman lelaki dia"

omg, what the hell. i tell you, my brother is gedik. hehe

that night, kami makan besar sekeluarga. abah bwk balik satay. la la la


number of classes skipped: three (FAR, CRG, BMD)

on our way to klia, kaklong's car was overheated so we had to pull over. it's always like this with our family. dah la slalu lambat, byk pulak lah masalahnya. kamil pun dah tak keruan dah takut lmbt check-in n terlepas flight. but yeah, we managed to arrive on time. jumpe anum's family there, including her youngest sister yg suka panggil kamil "API"..

seb baik kali ni xde nangis2 kat klia. sumorang happy je. saya suka klia, tatau kenapa. it's one of the places i love.

before we headed back to shah alam, we stopped at klang, to hantar baju raya. cuba lah teka berapa pasang sorang? kui kui kui. ni lah 1st time sgt cepat yg amat pi tempah baju, bulan puasa pun belum. seb baik dah siap ganti suma2 puasa yg perlu diganti.

at night i went to watch PGL with the 3As. aqie, ain, ariza. the story of how we got the tickets shall remain untold. or should i cerite? xpe la kan. I APPROVE!

etok n john were there. i also saw other ppl, whom shall not be named.

above all, i met, i mean, we met anuar zain. and we took pictures. and we shook hands. and we went jakun smpai tak bole tidur. kui kui kui.

malas nak kasi review about the theatre. overall, it was should go watch it yourself and see how adlin uses all the 'ruang'.

for the purpose of a movie/theatre/novel or any fictitious piece, love at first sight (or a few more sights) is acceptable. romantic indeed. but in real life, i dont quite believe it. it just cant happen too soon. if it surpasses the initial attraction phase then perhaps there is something worth while.


number of classes missed: two (AIS, CRG)

we were supposed to go to class from aqie's hse but we were still hung over from last night. i pun pening2.

after solat jumaat there was an award giving ceremony at our faculty. i received two, one for my final semester in diploma, and another one for anugerah naib cancelor.

as promised, i took some poyo pictures with adek. congratulations for our >3.85 CGPA. i can never get ANC for bachelors due to my 'zaman kejatuhan' masa 4th sem. but what the hey, yang sudah tu sudah. tu kira like a slap on my face, mengingatkan saya yg semakin leka. btw, kepada rakan2 yg masih maintain, syabas!!

at the later part of the day, i went to taman section 10 with fadhli to watch, ehem, a cd containing insiden-insiden yang memalukan dan mengaibkan. taman tu byk nyamuk btw.

during a scene where 'seorang abang sedang mengajar seorang gadis membaca doa makan', my mum called asking me to pick her up, coz her car got towed. she always reminds me not to park our car anywhere we find convinient lest it'll be towed. see what happens now.

so i drove her to 'depot kereta tunda mbsa' in section 17 to get her car back. to cut the story short, my mum could take her car back after paying 70ringgit for the compound. and all this while, fadhli was still with us.

it was funny. or was it weird?

btw, i dont think im thaaaat rajin to cook for our little picnic. but we'll see.

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