Monday, August 14, 2006


Picnic with F&N (orange)

Once in a while, moments like this happen. For me, it's been a very loooong while.

I dont know, maybe it was the weather, but the day seemed perfect. Even the crawling ants didnt bother me that much.


"saya suka awak." "awak suka saya?"

"you rasa?"

"hmmm. nak saya kasi pilihan jawapan?"


"A) Suka"
"B) Sangat suka"
"C) Suka gila"
"D) Semua di atas"



"Nasib baik you tanya, kalau tak, i korek bijik mata you"

"Nasib baik you cakap yes, kalau tak, i korek bijik mata you pulak"


No matter how cheesy/ corny the above may sound, it is my time to be like that. OK?

These are not real persons to thank, but I will thank them nonetheless:

a) that ride from arin
b) that 'on top of the world' picture


Btw, sedap ape nasi goreng tu...

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