Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Just now, my aunt from Kuantan arrived. She'll be spending Hari Raya with us this year. I'm glad. Super happy yeay. She brings along her cat. Hee. Scaredy cat that cat. Always hiding under the bed. His name is Papai, or Ah Pai. Initially, he was named Tupai. Now that there's a real cat at home, I can skip rubbing abah/kaklong's chin. Purrrr.

Out of randomness, I just want to share a fear of mine. I'm afraid of being 'lupa diri', you know, after being successful, or just over time. Even though I'd like to believe I am strong, sometimes I know, my weaknesses get the better of me. One is ever susceptible to his/her surrounding. Influence is not always a bad thing, but without principle, you can sway, just go with the flow. Just now, my aunt was telling me about my kampung's bad condition. It saddened me. Here I am, living in a good home, which I complaint about every now and then. It's good that I was told of things that serve as a reminder of my roots, or to be thankful, always. ((Suddenly I feel guilty for always dreaming of material things...... oh X-trail ku!))

Whatever it is, I aspire to do good to this world we're living in, make it a better place. With strength, means and commitment, InsyaAllah, every thing is possible.

Here, I just wanna wish every one, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Truly, I am sorry for all my wrong doings. I forgive you too.


OMG, tak sabar rasanya nak habis periksa. Nak spring clean rumah ni cukup-cukup. Wanna paint the kitchen, kemas attic, lorong hina and buang segala mak nenek barang-barang yang sangat banyak yang amat kat rumah ni. A few days worth of 'kemas-kemas rumah before raya' memang tak cukup. I think I will get my athma considering the amount of dust I'll be breathing in (or have breathed). I am not complaining, this is merely a fact.


deebs said...

was blog hopping. found urs. weee..

enjoy ur spring cleaning session!

fadhli said...

salam aidil fitri! maaf zahir batin..

jaga ur health leklok.. that goes for me as well.. since i'm having a mild flu now due to lack of sleep bcoz of u-know-why.. heheh

nina said...

deebs: oh thanks. cant wait. i feel like ditching my books n forget about exams n just concentrate on the cleaning part. heehee.

fadhli: thank you. i need TLC when i'm sick, tapi pipiku jauh sekali. lengkali jgnla byk sgt buat u-know-what tuh! nanti i membebel.