Wednesday, October 31, 2007

muntah darah, pening lalat, penyakit itu, padan muka dan lain-lain


I have approximately a week before my next paper. So, I update. Atas permintaan ramai. (dua orang IS ramai, ok?)

So here is my finals news. GrrR. It started with FAR, the ever so scary paper, which was feared by many. I dedicated more than a week's worth of study time for this paper. Yes, I poured by sweat and blood for it. So in the exam hall, saya muntah darah, keluarkan apa sahaja yang saya tahu untuk menjawab soalan. Betul ke salah, lain cerita. (Harap lah betul kan?!)

That evening, I got a severe case of pening lalat. Maybe a side effect from FAR. Couldn't study, couldn't do nothing.

Next paper was advanced auditing, which I was hoping to score dengan warna-warna berterbangan. By this time, I already checked my 'carry marks' for the subject, and it was A LOT. So I had a classic case of penyakit 'over-confident', penyakit 'malas' dan penyakit 'tak ada mood'. I'm telling you, I only started studying seriously a day before the paper, covering merely the 'spot questions'. Since a few chapters in this subject were closely related to my six month auditing experience, I took revising them for granted, konon-konon nanti boleh goreng. Banyak lah engkau punya goreng! That night, I slept around 3am, because I played this word game with my family. Won't stop until menang. Padan muka diri sendiri esoknya. This paper, I consider, was even more difficult than FAR. No kidding.

After these two papers, I lost hope. Hope of getting 4.0 for my FINAL semester. Hope of having a BIG finish to my studying career. Haha. It was too high a hope to begin with. But whatever. Maintain sudah, semoga dapat grad first class bling bling smack that.

Just now, AIS paper was okay. I don't think I'll score, but hopefully I'll pass. Soalan DFD tu, perlu ke macam tu?! Kalau ye pun.......

So now..... I just want to relax. Enjoying my aromatherapy massage oil, essential oil and scented candles I splurged on in the midst of the stressful exam weeks. Haha. And watch grey's and private practice, freshly downloaded from limewire. Aaaaaaaaa. And tomorrow....P RAMLEE MUSICAL!!!!! Heeee.

Haritu, I was talking to Fadhli sambil belagak I have prison break, episode 5. Considering it was only aired up till episode 4 in US at that time, he asked me to check it cause it might be virus or whatever. He was wrong, it wasnt a virus, but WORSE. It was a video almost like a night in paris (not that I've watched it, i'm using a metaphore here), only involving miss chocolate chip and mister cocoa, complete with oral-b, bj and doggy doggy. WTF. Couldn't shake off the image for the whole day. Tulah, lengkali jangan curious sangat. Should I be a cat, I'm dead.


Jalilah said...

OMG!! Dah lama gile tak baca your blog OK. There were 3 unread posts that I hadn't read rupenye.

Hihi... klakarla, you wear your shoes while watching tv. Kiki..
And watching miss chocolate chip and mister cocoa during finals??? hahahahaahahaha... takpe2, boleh dimaafkan, sbb TER..

malasnye nak update blog!!!!

Yup, audit was much worse than FAR. And no wonder Nina is such a top-scorer, she studied for exams one week before the exam. Kite hanya study far 1 day before the paper. Now I'm so scared... I wonder what I'll get for FAR... Hmm...

nina said...

Oh yes, my dear shoes. Kite akan pakai kasut tu jugak pegi dinner nanti! I know org lain mesti pakai lagi lip lap anak mami. I'm just gonna wear my baju raya. Not this year's, LAST year's ok?! (this is already out of topic)

BTW, I fear for EVERY paper okay?!