Wednesday, November 07, 2007

yesterday was a productive day, so i decided to show some leg

Jogged non stop on the usual route in the morning. About 13 minutes run. Surprised at own ability as this is the first time jogging after so so long. Need to do this more often because come December, I'm going to climb Mt Kinabalu. Yeehaw. At this rate, dont know whether I can make it. I hope I can. Dont want my friends to carry me UP there..

Felt somewhat refreshed through out the day. Filled with a bit of studying and forty winks every now and then. Had lunch in front of telly for about two hours watching Ellen, Oprah, E News and Daily 10 alternately. And also, Bold&Beautiful.

Studied. Again.

Got bored.


Decided to relax me mind. Sat outside with nenek and my sketch book. Tried to sketch her but she moved too much. Didnt have the heart to say 'nenek, jangan bergerak' as she was happily chatting away. So I changed the object/ subject.

Yes, my very interesting leg.

And to those who have never seen my leg, it looks something like this: (Sexy kan?) (Please dont answer ;P)

It looked a bit unproportionate I dont know why. Maybe because of the angle. But my leg do look very similar to this with long thin toes and bones popping out everywhere. Ha. However, for the benefit of every one's eye sight (including me), I omitted all the kudis-kudis, parut-parut, bintat-bintat, chocolate chips and bulu kaki ku to make my calf appear more.... presentable? But to maintain the character, I put in a few strands of bulu kaki.. Haha. (cuba carik kalau nampak)

So far, my drawings, to me, are undefined and raw. I dont know any proper techniques, I just hentam. Only last year I was told about using cross-hatching to create shades. My first attempt was okay but had much room for improvement. Here's Angie Jolls:

I need to get back to doing artsy fartsy stuff. One can only take so much of numbers for so long aite? Can't wait for exams to be over. Only one paper left. Yeay?!


Diana said...

ingat tak clint? ;o)
congrats on pretty much graduating! now you can do whatever you want. best kan best kan.

~ashieBee~ said...

u dah graduateeeeeeeeee? omigoood...zealous nyeeeeeeeeee!!!!! oh btw im linking u to my blog =) okie dokie? thanksssss!!!


nina said...

Nana: Of course kite ingat clint! First artist I ever sketched kot. Masa kita gave him the portrait, kitorang adela eye contact cam 2seconds. Haha. Problem is, clint je tak ingat kite. Even though I gave him my email address n I LOVE YOU note at the back of the portrait ok?

Ashiebee: Yerp. Finished studying already. But until the results are out, I dont feel like Ive graduated yet;p. No problem about the link=)