Friday, December 14, 2007

I can officially be confused now

PwC called a few hours ago. I got the job. Alhamdulillah.

Now is the time for me to really sit down and think about my options. I need to make a list, of plus and minus points of each firm. I already know a few (senior) people in EY which could be an advantage but I know a whole lot more people (friends) who are going to be working with PwC. Well, people are not so big a factor for me I guess because they come and go, so I should consider the more important factors:

1. Salary (both firms offer the same basic salary, however one's mileage claim is more as far as I know)
2. Benefits
3. ACCA support (financial, study leave, contract/bond)
4. Training (formal and informal)
5. String of clients
6. Promotion policy and timing
7. Office location (not that important, but still considerable especially about the parking/parking rate/restaurants/places to eat nearby heehee)
8. People/ culture

I'm afraid of feeling guilty for not being loyal to EY should I go with PwC offer. Ya Allah, tolonglah...

On a different note, I'm done with my last minute shopping of chocolate and battery supplies for my Kinabalu trip. I will be away for four days, from Saturday (tomorrow). We [me, Zamil, Bar & clan] are attempting to climb Mount Kinabalu. Do pray for our safety and that the weather will be good for our climb.

(janganlah aku tersesat ataupun sakit perut nak berak atas gunung tu nanti. janganlah aku menggigil-gigil kesejukan ataupun tergelincir jatuh gunung nanti. semoga selamat semuanya)


rASHIdah-ling said...

good luck mendakiii :)) bestnyeeeee!!! nnti share ur experience. i terfikir jugak nk daki. but takya any fitness training ke??? hehehehe. careful babe!!!! and enjoy!


Jalilah said...

nina... ju and I have signed our offer letter!!!! nervous plus tak sabar. got our t-shirts owedy but we, females got baby-Ts. Can you imagine me wearing a baby-T??? haha, definitely not a pleasant sight to behold. They do have long sleeved punye but as usual, size L tak fit me vewy well. Hahahahaha. So, I pakai male nye size dgn bangganya. Wahahahaha... Nina, you haven't changed your mind huh??? tak bestnye training wivout you...

Diana said...

Hi Zar. You're going to love me, like really love me, for this.

nina said...

rashidah: thank you!! yes yes, I will definitely share my experience. of course you need some training (which i didnt get much haha itu pasal sedikit pancit). go ahead, dakilah gunung kinabalu when u come back here. you'll have no regrets...=)

lely: owh good for both of you. sure best same2 training and kerje. Lely, its not that i havent changed my mind, i havent MADE UP my mind yet. confusing i tell you...

diana: Diana Idris!! Ive checked the website. I do love you!! Big time. En Jason Mraz is sooo talented. Nana kite geram dengar dier nyanyi. Sedap sangat. His voice sungguh merdu, lagilah dengan the sound of him playing the guitar. Kite almost cried during the 3rd song sebab seriously the melody menyentuh hati kite. dah la berbackgroundkan france. kan? anyway, serious sedap. i love you for introducing this site. it feeds my senses.