Friday, December 14, 2007

Job hunting: the updates!

One Tuesday night, I emailed my resume to both FY* and PwD*. The next day, someone from FY called me to arrange for an interview for the coming Friday. I said okay, even though it was on a very short notice. Any time convinient for them is convinient for me. A day after that call, I got another call from FY* saying that I've been shortlisted for the second interview, with the director of HR on the next Tuesday (11 Dec), which is of course better. After settling the confusion about those two interviews, I was told to come for only the second interview. (I guess I got fast tracked because I did my practical training at the firm).

I was a bit bummed because I did not get any response from PwD*. I knew that it was going to have its last assessment day for 2007 on 11 Dec, and if I did not get to go to the assessment, I might not have the chance to join the firm early next year.

On Monday, a day before my interview (and the assessment at the rival firm) I finally got a call from PwD*. I was invited to go to the assessment after all. Another short notice shoved at my face. At that stage, I couldn't be a diva. Anytime convinient for them is convinient for me. Luckily the assessment would be in the afternoon, and my interview with FY* in the morning.

I set off as early as 8.50 for my 10.00am interview. I estimated my journey would only take about 30-40 minutes, since that day was a public holiday for Selangor. I thought that the traffic would not be so bad. I was wrong. The traffic was worse than other days. The cars on the road were moving so slow even listening to Jason Mraz couldn't calm me down. I didn't want to be late, for my interview. Hello?!

Luckily, I got there just in time, at exactly 10.00am. So much for coming 10 minutes early. The interviewer told me her 1st interviewee (supposed to be at 9.00am) was still stuck in the traffic jam. I was so relieved to hear that.

Then the interview went smoothly. I was pretty confident =). I told my interviewer that the best time for me to start working is Feb 08. I told her about my 'relax' time and even about my spring cleaning. The negotiation went well. If I were to work with FY*, I got to start at a time which is convinient for me.

Later, I drove to KL Sentral where PwD* office is situated. Parked Mr Carl at KL Sentral parking lot and waited for Lely. Had a quick lunch at Secret Recipe and rushed to PwD*.

PwD* assessment comprised of numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test and essay writing. I do not think I did all three all too well. It was exactly 6.00pm when the assessment and partner presentation were over.

I checked my phone. There were two missed calls. One from FY*, another from mak. I called my mum. Guess what she said?

FY* called home (after failing to reach me) to tell me that my offer letter is ready! (And that is on the same day of the interview). I was super duper happy.

On Wednesday, just before I entered TGV to watch Enchanted (which was so cute btw), PwD* called me. I was shortlisted for a second interview on Thursday. Lely was also shorlisted.

We went to PwD* together by commuter. (tak kuasa nak drive sebab hari Selasa pergi assessment, park kereta kat KL Sentral kena bayar RM17.20). So there went the two overdressed ladies for the interview.

In the afternoon after the interview (which was structured, but for me somewhat informal), we went to see I AM LEGEND at Mid Valley. I like the movie. Go watch it people. So yesterday, the whole day, I felt so matured seeing all those budak2 sekolah menengah/universiti kat midvalley/ naik komuter. (mana tak nya, mak ngah siap pakai suit lagi haha).

The result of the interview is still unknown. I have mixed feeling. I am scared, yet confident. Of course I want to be offered a place. At least then I will have more options, between FY* and PwD*. But at the same time, I know I will be confused when I have the options. (yang mana harus ku pilih?). PwD* will have intakes on 2nd January (which is too early) and 17th March (which is too late).

(* bukan nama firm sebenar. Heehee. Comel tak disguise? Obviously FY is EY and PwD is PwC. So people, please, if you do know about these two firms, please give me your opinion. Hopefully your input can help me make my decision [provided I actually get the offer from PwC])

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