Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let's have (you) for lunch!

Them fish feasting on my kaki

All you need to do is google this: Kenko fish spa at the Pavillion, and you'll find a few reviews. The pamphlet I took home claims that it is Malaysia's Most Holistic Reflexology & Fish Spa Specialist.

If you are a pengecut, penakut atau penggeli, please make sure you leave yourselves out of the fish pond. You don’t want to waste RM38 yanking our feet out of the water every two seconds before the fish get to say hello.

We were lucky the place is unlike any other spa where you have to please be quiet (not that I have been to other spas) and do not joke around. When we started the treatment, there weren’t that many people around, but the place went havoc (eceyceh) with our shrieking and ekkkeeekeke menahan geli (akulah yang paling over sekali). Aqie yang paling steady, instructed the fish to Makanlah dekat situ, yes, situ while Ain warned them Oy janganlah makan dekat situ. Nina everytime celup kaki baca Bismillah (maybe about 30 times ha ha) sambil menggigil-gigil.

Lepas dah tak fobia, ada lah sorang tu over siap celup kepala lutut =).

I don’t know if it’s real or just in my head but my legs seem smoother after that ;). [But no, tak licin because they don’t eat my bulu kaki].

Read aqie’s review here.


aQieYa said...

next time i am soo gonna celup kepala lututku smpai putih!

nina said...

me too!!! dan tidak membuang masa berdolak-dalih dengan para ikan...