Friday, February 01, 2008

Chapter Whatever

One night, she lies on the bed with her sick Aunt and listens to her life story unfold. Aunt’s eyes become watery even when she is just beginning. In her childhood, Aunt had gone through hardships so big a magnitude, undeserving for a little girl her age. Even after her coming of age, her luck did not change so much. Her heart weeps for Aunt for there is nothing else she could do. There is one person however, Aunt says that she would blame for all these.

Who would have thought that he, one of the first architects of his race in the country whom should have made his family so proud, inflicted so much pain and suffering to those faithfully waited for him all those years. Upon returning home from Sheffield in 1957, things took on a different turn and a scar was left so deep in the hearts of those near and dear.

She tries to remember her late grandfather in fondness but it is rather difficult when most of the stories she heard about the man steer her in different direction. One thing about him that she could dig from her own memory chest was that he always gave them money during visits. Is it a good memory?

Her Dad did not have a good father figure he could look up to when he was growing up. Because grandfather left and remarried. The void he felt he doesn’t want his children to experience. That’s why he is The Best Dad she could ask for, and for that she is thankful.

But nothing is perfect, more so in present time. For that, she has to accept the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is painful.

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