Monday, January 14, 2008


You know that roaring lion with its mouth wide open appearing before Tom & Jerry show, just like 20th Century/ Fox pictures or Dreamworks whatever that appears before a movie? I was yawning like that famous lion, my mouth wide open with lips tracing the letter O as big as size 350 font (yes, I did check at MS Word with a mirror by my side as I am typing this) and tears were coming out of my eyes.

But I am not crying. I am just refraining myself from sleeping in the evening, so that I will be totally knackered by ten pee am and can sleep eight hours like a normal human being, and still wake up at reasonable time the next day to lead a productive day.


Nina, tolong jemur baju ni said she a few times, all before the clock strikes nine. Fine I will do it when I wake up, stop it already. For the love of God, it was still one digit in the morning, not even ten something or eleven something. And the sun is not going anywhere(!). I am an insomniac, who sleeps late at night at wee hours which is already morning (this is not by choice anyway); and enjoys whatever amount of sleep she gets in the morning, wants to wake up when her alarm goes off (at the time of her choice say six thirty six or nine forty three or ten eighteen) and doesn’t appreciate the knocking at her door telling her to do this and that. At seven something I already had to wake up, open the door, let her into my room to borrow that pink scarf only to be left sleeping with the lights switched on and door considerably ajar. How can I sleep like that with my OCD? The door needs to be perfectly shut. So I got up, shut it good and shut my eyes, tried to sleep peacefully if that’s okay with everybody. Now refer to the beginning of this paragraph.

What irritated me more so was the fact that I was woken up from my dream. My own dream tsk tsk!! I don’t know how it ended. Did I approach my ex-school mate and talk to him? Was the ride fun? I want to know lah. Is there a twist at the end? The unpredictability of dreams makes them the more interesting and totally different from daydreaming even when you’re dreaming at day time. You don’t plan to be the talented singer/dancer/guitarist at your school talent time and win first prize or caught at your sexiest moment by your biggest crush. In dreams you can see every body every where at different times, all at the same time.

Once I dreamt of me and my UiTM friends at Raja Muda and when we entered the classroom it was my standard 5 class at sekokah agama, but the time was current because I was with my UiTM friends but what happened was something that had happened during my primary years. The other time I dreamt that my paternal nenek saudara was a ghost (hantu cerita gaban campur pendekar bujang lapuk) and she & other ghosts were knocking at my parent’s bedroom (before renovation) where me and my mum was shielding the door so that they couldn’t come in, then we went to the living room and suddenly it was the living room of my maternal grandmother’s house in Kampung Bharu where there were ghosts too and we hid under the table for a while, after which we went to find my dad and other siblings at another hall, now at my own house (after renovation) where they were ghosts too.

Upon waking up in the middle of the night after having such dreams, I find myself superstitiously flipping the pillow or repositioning my head on a different spot on the same side of the pillow with minimum movement so that the ghost will not notice.

But that is not the case today.

I was having a pleasant dream and wanted to be pleasantly surprised. But what did I get instead?


By the repeated pergi jemur baju pergi jemur baju. Too aggravated to sleep, I finally dragged my arse up and jemur the goddamn baju. I did a whole bunch of stuff after that and bathed twice. I played the only game I play, minesweeper to steer me away from bed and managed to up my high score. It reads 138 seconds for expert level. Yes, you read right, it’s 138s, just a little bit above two minutes.


I haven’t slept since this morning. It is nine o’clock now and I have around an hour to do whatever else productive people do before calling it a night/day.

Taking away my bitterness and grumpiness this morning, I think I have made a good change for myself. Now with less than a month, I hope I can adjust my sleep cycle so that come 11 Feb, waking up early in the morning can come naturally to me like word playing to Jason.

I am going to be a career woman who wakes up early to go to work and earn a living.

Till then, recycle and rearrange your sleeping cycle to suit you!

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