Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm spreading the love

*Please watch this video to the end and then you'll understand why Jason Mraz rocks my socks*

Nak pergi tengok show dier LAGI, with someone who likes him as much as I do (contohnya the other cool one herself you know who you are ha ha) so that together we can sing along, go oooh and aaaah, admiring him every time he does something cute (which is often but of course he is oblivious to his own cuteness) and then have a serious discussion on how can such a human being be so talented and sing/rap the way he does, owh and writes things we love to read.

This is my first youtube entry whatever, and I'm glad to share my Jason with you. Yes, you!!


deebs said...

cik nina!!

hey hows it going? thanx for the wishes. its kinda weird u choose ey over pwc. being loyal uh? hehe good luck to u too! have fun being an auditor.

Jalilah said...

who is the "you"????

Diana said...

Halfwayyyyyyy hommmmmmme!!! Tapi kita tak de la sampai DESIGN and print out mix CD art ;o)

nina said...

Deebs: Thnx. It's not so much about being loyal, but adelah I mimpi pasal EY ni. Hehe. Both firms are good, and a decision has been made. All the best for us~~

Lely: 'you' adelah seorang kawan kita yg cool yg suka dekat jason mraz tuu!!!

Diana: Owh, the things you do for luurve~