Sunday, February 10, 2008

I texted my senior on CNY's eve and he replied...

"Ha ha ha! Thanks for the wishes...
Enjoy ur holidays while you still can... Things r waiting for u
when u officially join the working force! :-p"

This holiday, especially towards the end, I've been taking care of so many things and putting myself last. I've had the lowest of low and hated it. I didn't go out all that much and enjoy the holidays the way I should (except the highly publisized Kinabalu trip and Kenko Fish Spa ha ha). So to resuscitate my lifeless holidays (or what's left of it), I organized a futsal game with some friends.

Despite only few of us who did actually made it to the court, we played. I was so bersemangat mengejar bola, I fell down during the first minute when I tried to tap the ball from Alif. And sprained my ankle.

Now I have a balloon the size of a golf ball at my ankle. It hurts when I try to move at a certain angle. Due to all these, I am now good friends with ice, ankle guard and pills the doctor prescribed me, and hoping all will be well for the big day tomorrow.

*A thank you shout out to Yanie for the company!!!* =)


fadhli said...

ala sian dia jatuh.
make sure u jadi best friends with the ankle guards k.

nina said...

otayy! (OMG, dah april baru reply ha ha)