Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's probably me you saw down the street

"You are pretty before you work with EY,
when you're in EY you look like thaaat
after you leave, you're pretty again"- senior

Now I've joined the bandwagon of people who try to make it big by joining one of the big ones in this industry.

Well, you know which one I've chosen over the two. The next time people ask me why I choose this one over the other I'm just gonna say I flipped a coin.

I've survived two days of orientation. Tomorrow we'll have audit training, I guess.

Then, comes the dirty work. I mean, real work. I will become a workaholic and turn into a raccoon.

Hope I will still be recognizable. Just say Hi!


Aya said...

oh tgh orientation? huhu enjoy beb! free food! kekekeke (ke first day je tah? hehe) anyways wish u all the best!

oy r u one of those ppl yg suka buat MPH cam rumah sendiri? hehehe. i just had to have a copy of the Prince, lgpun free kakaka...dpt voucher :P

oh abt ur ankle, seriously, dont force it. hehe. SERIOUSLY! u wont be playin any sports in the near future. hope get well soon neways ;)

oh2. let us make this pact. let us be the glamourous auditors EVER. let us be pretty now, later, let us be pretty for years to come, serving those audit firms, coming back home earliest at 7pm :P hehe. maintain beb! u dpt which dept ar? TCE lg ke? :D

Aya said...

oh my god. i hafta learn to stop giving long comments :P lol! i'm goin home nxt week btw!!

basseyra said...

kite doakan semoga awak berjaye jadi pekerja cemerlang dan dedikasi so in 2 years time u can afford to buy me sumthing niceeeeee :) hehehehehe

good luck dear!!

love ya!

envime said...

hehe..maintain cun nina..congrats neway!keje leklok ye.

deebs said...

what's 'thaaaaat'?

how bad can it be..

anyway have fun while working(does fun exist in auditor's life?) but yeah try to make it as interesting as possbile, it shall ease the pain and stress..

Jalilah said...

oh, nina!!! How was the stock take?? Selamat bekerja keras!!!
Haha, takpe2, if tak cun, masih ada orang yang menunggu, ye tak? Haha!!!

p/s: i'm on mc today! Yippee!!

ashieBee said...

sibuk kejeee ke? :))

takecare org di sana!


fadhli said...

hello busy career woman who has to work late hours and weekends too!

get well soon! =D

nina said...

OMG (reply jugak la walaupun dah berzaman)

Aya: Yerp, TCE again it is. (we call it ETC among us, u know, segala job tak berkategori). oh how i wish i boleh balik awal selalu... current job is a shitty one, slalu overtime. tsk tsk. tapi I TETAP MAINTAIN GLAMOUR, jgn marah dek non! (omg, serious kodi). my ankle is better now btw, thank u =)

basseyra: ala, takyah 2 years, 2 months pun cukup he he. tapi, kenelah balik msia kalau nk claim hadiah!

tanti: thank you tanti!! (cun ke? ;p)

deebs: 'thaaat' is when u dare not look at the mirror anymore ha ha. characterized by you know what..
thanks anyway.. happy working to you too!

Lely: tak aci MC!!!! (awak tunggu kite?)

ashiebee: a ah laa... very the busy.. u take care too, busy dentist-to-be =)

fadhli: hello back busy (eh busy ke?) final year student who has multiple project papers. chengkiu. kaki i dah agak baik dah =)