Sunday, March 23, 2008

here you go, an entry finally.

Let me first explain why I have not been updating for so long. Not only work has taken so much of my time (including weekends sometimes), internet modem at home also went kaput after being struck by lightning. In the midst of it all, I manage to impose some self-restrain from buat perangai tak senonoh updating from office or client's.

Hence the hiatus.
(of 22 days [as I check my latest entry on 1st March {I read my own blog, I'm poyo like that}] ).

The last two entries (yes, here I go again, rereading my blog) cannot be considered as any updates whatsoever, but somehow show the life of an auditor such as myself (yes, the dark circle and unattended concert of this famous boy band most of us grew up with [oh AJ, the memory of you still remain in my mind ha ha]).

Since those in PwD, KPMJ and Beloitte have at least mentioned something about life after work in their respective blogs, I will share a bit with you about mine. Work is work...... The end.

Well basically, auditor everywhere does almost the same thing, I think. Tiada makna ku bercerita di sini. So I will just tell the glamorous job I've got so far, which is counting the votes for AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik) and I foresee that I will be given free ticket for the event in May. Yahoo! The first round of counting was done about three weeks ago where I saw some famous people who smoke like it was no one's business. Very dissappointing.

And then my teammates, which have been great. We've had two celebrations in a month, one at RedBox and the other at Hard Rock Cafe. After having so much of "wah so leng cai la this guy", "SO LENG CAI!!!!!", "aiyo not leng loi", I introduced to them teammates Joget Berhibur, Seiring dan Sejalan, Sinaran ie the usual songs (yes ahli gerakan, aku tak berkembang, balik-balik lagu tuh). Then HRC, which was my first time there. Ha ha. In my baju kurung. I sensed staring eyes, but I didn't care. The place is smoky too, so not my kinda place.

Then, the 12th elections.
(which I did not register let alone vote). ((owh well, I wasnt part of the change))

Now, you don't want to read me write politics. That will just be so wrong. Ha!

Ok, this one deserves an entry of its own, but but but I'll just write here lah. Kaklong got engaged, to Said. It was very tiring but I think everything went smoothly and beautifully. Many thanks to families and friends for their help. Tanpa mereka (kamu2 yang baca), tentu tak berjaya! I love you people. Ni gamba with my friends. The family is too scattered and busy to gather and take pic. (more here!)

This morning in shower, I suddenly felt the longing to play volley ball. And then in the evening, badminton. These days it's hard to play sports because it's hard to get enough people to play (atau aku aje tak ramai kawan tsk tsk). A few days ago, I told mak my ankle still hurts sometimes, due to the last session of futsal (you can refer to it yourself and stop with me rerereading my blog already!). It just isn't back to the way it was before. Mak cakap lepas ni jangan main lagi, bahaya. Cycling aje lah, mak kata. I know she means well, but running, jumping and sweating are IN me. I cannot just give them up (walaupun diri ini adalah tak seterror mana I admit). But now, it's getting better because I have rekindled my affair with the ankle guard.

Yesterday, I read Ju's blog and cried. I feel good inside to be in another person's memory somehow. I love my friends and UiTM in my own way, certainly. Tadi I went to sec 18, which is so very different now compared to when we were staying in Akasia. Oh Akasia ku. 6/216 yang penuh dengan kontroversi....

(Nanti lah sambung, hari dah hujan....... Tidak mahu modem baru ku rosak~)


Aya said...

dah lama tak dgr modem kena panah petir...pakai dial up ke? <--mode menghina/berlagak. hahaha JK.

wah so glamer laa ur lifeeee.....AIM u sayyyy? jelossssss~~~ F&N u sayyyy???eeeeeee!!!!! takpe i got my share of pan pac food. uuuu nape u nampak *sunburned* sini?? u dok sunbathe ke sayang?? ke lighting?ke i yg kabur mata? hihi

wah i patut buat kerja tp stop jap, tengok ur sis's tunang pic :D tahniah kerna berjaya meralikkan diri ku yg tersedia ralik.

i mischuuuu!!! *i am actually high on coffee :) :):)* but i still mischuuuu!!! tataaaa

fadhli said...

oh i miss u too. and i'm not even high on coffee.

about ur pic tu. hmm.. it must be the lighting. hehe. oh and x nampak pun raccoon eyes. so u're safe.

Aya said...

hahaha i blur jap when fadhli sebut psl coffee :P hahaha

okay hari ni i waras dah. coffee effect worn off (today nye dose belum kick in)

it's sunday and im in uni. how pathetic is that? hehe

ok2 tah ape i merepek semlm, yg tak elok u ignore ye pls hehe.

anyways i had a look at the fotopages. the enggmt was gorgeous i must say. kakak awk pun sgtla cunnessnye. u look sweet as usual. pls la take some of my lemak ok? hihi i bg kat u free! offer ends today!! (ok myb the cofee's kickin in:P)

laters! xoxo

nina said...

aya: amboi cik kak, belagak gils ha ha. tak main lah dial up, tu streamyx tu, tapi ajal dah smpai nk buat camne. skrg i pakai wireless hah! (mode belagak balik walaupun ketinggalan zaman =P)

AIM tu in may i think. (kene pikir nak pakai baju ape pulak he he. tapi mybe pakai baju kebaya 3 tahun lepas je la kot)

I memang dah gelap!! lighting tak bersalah. this is who i am....=]

Thanks babe~ Nanti i smpaikan the compliment to my sister kasi dier kembang kempis jap. (but if she reads the comments, she'll prolly already know and dah siap2 berkembang =P). soalan makcik, "awak bila lagi?" =)

just FedEx ur lemak to me!!! I sambut! hee...

fadhli: u cakap i miss u too kat i ke kat suraya haa?! haa?!
he he
(bf saya ni mmg camni. pantang ade orang lain ckp i love u or i miss u kat i, mesti dia pun nak cakap. la la).
thank u laa, tapi mungkin u tanak zoom gamba i tu ;]

both: I MISS YOU PPL TOOOOOOO!!!! muah muah~

(ni mcm contest plk, sape punya comment paling panjang ha ha)

fadhli said...

tu la. i miss suraya kot. yg suka minum kopi tu. ehe.

maybe AIM patut tmbh award baru: longest comment award.