Sunday, May 11, 2008


'budak hilang'

"okay adik, abang pergi dulu"


I think it was a month ago I received a call from my brother: It was on an afternoon. A bit surprised I was, because if 0302 was the caller ID, it would usually mean someone else.

We never called each other abang/ adik. It has always been Kamil/Nina, you know, first name basis, lebih mesra (?!). Me and him, we're only a year apart. Once when we were still in primary school, I called him abang dengan penuh gedik, aaaaaand I got a punch. I dare not call him abang again ha ha. (I don't know if he remembers).

We have a normal brother/sister relationship. The usual fights and bickering. Calling each other names. Kamil was very strong (sebab dulu gemuk macam penguin ha ha ha!), so everytime he punched me, it really hurt. And when I kicked him back (or punched him back), I would feel the pain too because he would dodge and counter attack me back with his tangan dan kaki yang keras. I hated it. My only consolation was to call him names (ie mencarut dengan segala perkataan yg start dengan huruf 'B' yang saya tahu- ha ha) and give him a piece of my mind!

But he would reply....

"Alhamdulillah....syukur" (dengan nada konon-konon alim)..

...which made me even more pissed. Aku kutuk dia, dia bersyukur pulak!!

When he called that afternoon, all these memories came back. Add to that, my unstable emotions, perasaan rindu and how he called himself abang and me adik..... so the waterworks went ON. (Nasib baik senior2 tak perasaan).

This is just me, the adik. (Apa lagi mak abah kan? Sure diorang lagi rindu kan?).

Call home more often, abang!

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