Thursday, May 08, 2008

cannot wait

for this.....It will be out on 13th May 08.

I was first introduced to his songs in 2004, the first one none other than You and I both (which I describe to people as my break up song). I remember how I used to go to my friend's room at level 4 @ Akasia to get the lyric for this song (from majalah mangga ok?) and sing my heart out at the balcony...

He is the single most mentioned artist in my blog in case all you people haven't notice. I have an affair with his music I tell you.

So anyway, I was reading the net some time ago and came across this news about his upcoming album. I've waited for years for his new material and it will finally be out. Yippee! What got me more excited was the fact he collaborated with James Morrison and Colbie Caillat in this new one. Both of them, I've heard their albums and love 'em!

Tidak sabar! (maybe boleh cari break up song baru =p)

Owh, and this song, "I'm yours" which is like sangat best, is going to be his first single. For Mraz lovers, this song has been out there for quite some time and is definitely a favorite. When I was watching him in Brighton last year, the fans unanimously screamed I'M YOURS when he asked us if we wanted him to sing anything special. Haaaaa........Itu baru acoustic, skrg dah masuk dlm album, lagilah padu the music. I know that the video is already being played on MTV/channel [V], but I have yet to watch it. Haritu sempat tengok when he already dah terjun dalam laut (as per his blog, he is wearing an environtmentally friendly t-shirt: special type of cotton or something- good boy lah this mraz man).

Still.... cannot wait.

Okay, enough promotion already!!

On a different note, just now, on E!, I found out that Ellen Page is going to be in a new movie entitled JANE EYRE!!

One of my favourite books!!!!

Cannot wait!!!

On a different than the different note above, I found something weird from Encik Wiki. Ok you try this yaa! Go to wiki and search for United Kingdom. After that, go to the address/URL and change the 'K' in kingdom from small to capital letter and read about that 'robin brown'.


fadhli said...

hi nina. hope u're doing ok. slamat membeli la ye album baru fav artist u tu.

oh i dh ada break up song dh. siap ada 2 lagi. tp yg 2nd one tu je la yg i slalu dgr. ehe.

and i tried doing that wiki united kingdom thingy, tp xde pape pun psl robin brown. hmm.. mungkin i yg x reti. hehe.

nina said...

hi fadhli. im doing good thnx! (i nangis 2 hari je kot =p)

yes saya akan beli cd bile jumpa. problemnya jason tak begitu mainstream/commercial, agak susah nanti nk cari cd dier. tsk tsk.

i dah baca ur break up song, tapi tak dengar lagi pun. apsal sedih sgt lagu2 tu? pastu i rasa lagu2 tu salahkan i (ha ha). cari lah breakup song yg upbeat sket!

i try balik buat that wiki thingy tadi, pun tak boleh jugak. hmm, tapi last nite serious bole, i tried a few times (kot2 mata i silap baca ke kan). anyway robin brown is a ******* wanker something something with his teacher something something. (i tak hafal hee)

fadhli said...

2 hari je? lama la sikit. just kidding! serious kidding.

mesti la lagu sedih. xkan lagu happy kot. yela2, u tukar sume words 'you' jadi 'i' or 'me' n vice versa. baru jadi salah i. tp nanti x rhyme la pulak kan. hehe.

nway, slmt mncari cd nanti..!

shockresistant7 said...

hey! i heard 'i'm yours', my friend suruh download and i really loved it...actually he brings a lot of great memories, we played his whole album driving down to port dickson in 2006. good stuff...!
btw, did you watch juno? ellen page was great there.

nina said...

heyy cuz! i never knew u listen to jason too. and for a person (with great taste like u) to agree on his greatness, it makes me happy (ha ha!)
havent watched juno yet, but i really really want to. heard good things bout the movie..

shockresistant7 said...

oh but definitely! he's genius, right? although i haven't heard all his songs yet, he got me right from the first song i heard - the fun to sing. and thanks for the compliment about great taste, though i think my taste is just...weird. haha

p53 said...

got to this blog through a link from a friend of mine....
I'm yours is absolutely amazing. the live version is simply bril!
check out my entry about the exact same song.
p53 xxx