Monday, July 07, 2008

Are you ready?

Sunday night was spent at KL Pac, watching the theater Air Con, written by Shanon Shah. This, if I'm not mistaken, is the fourth theatre I've seen in my life. I will try to write a half decent review (which seems so hard now because I cannot form a proper sentence. So undeveloped...sigh)

Okay since the theater, (as dubbed by others) is an honest potrayal of the lives inside a male boarding school, coupled with some taboo subjects that the story brings forth, I should say, in summary, (aside from of course some moral values that it is trying to instill- they're quite Islamic I must add), the theater is full of blow jobs, indecent acts, kata2 mencarut etc. all done in between racsist jokes which make it difficult not to laugh. I would be lying to say that in all that time I wasnt feeling a bit uncomfortable at all. I found myself saying 'bodoh!' or OMG ! cukup2 lah tu a handful of times. This is expected, as I know it would be BLUE a bit. In fact, a colleague already adviced me to go with an open mind.

And I did. What was shocking for me was how uncensored it was. I came from a boarding school too, but never heared such exchange of dirty words to say, nonchalantly? Well maybe it was like that in Aspura. We in Aspuri, never had that kind of talks, at least not me.

Having critisized some elements of the theater, I honestly think that overall, is not at all that bad. In fact it was GREAT, for those who can appreciate dark humour, like me. It's just that some parts were too 'strong' for the mild me. One thing I realized while watching this is, I cannot handle too of much people's emotion? Like, if you're watching movie/drama, even during the emotional scenes, I can somehow absorb/feel the magnitude of emotions without feeling intimidated or scared. Of course, my waterworks could turn on automatically too in such scenes. But in theater, especially this one, during the part where the actors were angry and shouting, I felt like, wah, too much energy in the room, every thing was IN YOUR FACE!! Emotion terlebih sampai, I didn't know what to do with the excess whatever.

Anyhu, I give two thumbs up for all the actors who had done a fantastic job. Personally, Asif is my hero =).

On another note, on the topic of transvestites. Personally, I hope they will repent, and be the way God made them. Of course, you may feel confuse at times, (who doesn't?- about many things in life), but if you have faith, InsyaAllah you will not end up with the unnatural. I do not have anything against gays, I think, but I just hope (again) that they will find the light. In Air-Con, it was mentioned about what happened to kaum Nabi Lut a.s. I just hope, people take that message seriously. Muslims know, Allah condemns homosexualities. In the story, the transvestite, Aishwarya Roberts, IMHO is actually lovely. That's it, when people are nice, they are still nice (no point generalizing and stereotyping people as bad just because they're gay). Just be nice in your proper gender!

In this case, one need not be too open minded like our counterparts in the west. We have our religion!

ps: I learnt some new not so good words from the show.

pps: They serve gula2 Hacks at the refreshment table. How appropriate? =)

ppps: This brings new meaning to EY proxy server: MYKULUMEYISA01

(Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur- EY- ISA01) ha ha ha!


faiz said...

MYKULUMEYISA01 = itu pun blue? isk isk isk...shian..dah terpesong ni..heheh

nina said...

did i say it was blue?!?! let me just repeat my sentence " this brings new meaning to EY proxy server" << I dont find/hint anything blue here...

siapa yg terpesong nih?! ha ha

(sendiri mau ingat.... ha!)