Monday, July 07, 2008

Muddy, but home nonetheless

Work brings me to places, the unfamiliar and not. Other than that, some current events in my life lead me to a place where I have long abandoned...

The Capital City.

Driving around in the maze of one-way streets is never good for Mr. Carl, and my faster-than-ever thinning wallet, feeding Mr. Carl with it's pricey energy drink.

To get sesat, means to learn new place, new routes. But it doesn't imply that the next time I need to get to point K in KL, I will get there without getting to some other place first. With me, lightning strikes where ever it wants, pisang berbuah berkali-kali, and I can always make the same wrong turning on Thursday, after a Wednesday.

Spread on top of all that, is a sickening flavoured marmalade, the traffic jam.

All the ingredients add up together, makes driving in the golden triangle, a torturous experience.

Makes me think of one particular metropolis, London. Tck.

On the way back, I drove along Dataran Merdeka and Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad. People with their DSLRs, finding the best angle, capturing the present- makes me feel something. Tck.

I wanted to write about the building with unique architecture, that represents our country on the face of countless postcards, but as I'm processing my thoughts just now, I realized, wah dataran MERDEKA, 51 years ago!

These busy streets, old buildings and all that jazz, will surely be missed.

Kuala Lumpur, you are in no way London. Dan landen, kau tak boleh beat kelompo jugak!

This is my home.

And Shah Alam, my sanctuary.

p/s: Ada kedai kain kat Jalan TAR, namanya Umang-umang. How appropriate!