Tuesday, November 04, 2008

bunGG inGG the ovenGG

Well, she broke the news already, and I now have the green light!

My newly-wedded sister (and BIL of course) is/are PREGNANT!!!

While my parents are thinking of what to be called (not the baby, but them!), I just know that I will be The Favourite Aunty Nina. =)

Oh, my own anak saudara!!!!

But I cannot touch my sister's tummy for all I know the baby will already be born by the time I come home. InsyaAllah!

Congrats to kakak poko pants and munchkin poko pants!! Way to go y'all!



Lely, I shrunk the kids gloves!

(Ni akibatnya masukkan gloves dalam dryer. But dont worry, it is still pakai-able: to remind me of home)


aQieYa said...

so cute la the glove
can give to baby nnti

nina said...

cieww la pashal! ha ha
saje ce ;p

(btw, kat sini xde sapa nk guna bahasa 'secret agent' ngan i lah kiko)

fadhli said...

wah wah congrats to them!

betul la saya teka. ada dpt hadiah x? hehe.

nina said...

u pegilah congratulate kat blog kaklong =)

and beb, sorrylah, xde hadiah2 nih..

Jalilah said...

haha!!! baru je sempat baca your blog. kiki...

anyway,i originally thot that glove was for the baby. Haha!!

nvm, you don't need the gloves to remind you of me. Hehe...

nina said...

of tos lely!!