Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A quick breather (maybe I've had too much already)

I just talked to a friend. Her ACCA examination docket arrived today, and I thought maybe mine is here as well.

I went down, checked my mail, but it wasn't there =(. I got myself thinking, maybe ACCA knew I wasn't ready for the exam, yet, so why give her the docket now?

But this delay, is not making me less nervous.

My revision progress is not so promising. I digress a lot, especially with my laptop before me (look what I'm doing now). The countdown that I never forget to cross everyday, fails to remind me of the urgency, the impending doom; as I call it.

But I know, I CAN DO THIS!!! erm... can I?

Just before this quick breather, I was studying corporate reporting. My mind was taken back to my first semester, and the image of Encik Mus was clear. As I recall, when teaching, he seldom had direct eye contact with students (as least not with me!), sometimes closed his eyes or looked beyond us straight to the back wall and/or make jokes that we didnt understand and laughed to himself. He had this very cute laugh, the mischievous kind where he covered his mouth, shoulders a bit terhenjut-henjut and almost literally went 'hik hik hik!'. Me and Wani made a good impersonation of En. Mus' laugh in 216/6.

Anyway, he was one of the reasons I have a strong fundamentals in financial accounting (oh how I want to believe I have them hehe), ie getting it right on what to Debit and Credit, plus other basic accounting concepts. I know it sounds simple, but when you're up to certain level, it does get confusing.

Having said that, I really should get going. My date, Mr. Calculator does not like to wait.


fadhli said...

u can do it!

nina said...

aaa thank you! =)

i hope so too..

mamipoko said...

i'm sure you can do it...
go nina go...

wani said...

En Mus!!!!! hik hik hik...
gosh...rindunye zaman tu..

good luck nina.anda pasti berjaya!!!

**eitt..ada pape ke ngn or 'tu'??

nina said...

cengkiu mamipoko!!!! nina akan lebih rajin belajarrrr

and thanks wani!! tu la, mcm2 lagi la bende kelakar zaman 216/6, which im glad they happened. adelah kenangan sket. ((anywayy, just realised that i typed 316 in my post earlier instead of 216, dah edit dah)). *cammane lah lupa bilik sendiri ;p

tapi.... tak paham lah last skali tu? ada apape ngan or(g)? tu?? which orang?? anyhu, i think i have nothing with anyone right now =)

ashieBee said...

ninaaa :))

i dah habis exam!!!! can la meet up with uuu. tp u pulak ade exam soon kan? heheheh. goodluck k? work hard


nina said...

tu laa rashidah!! have to meet, dont care! nanti i abis exam. i have something in mind already, and myb can ajak qurratul also =)

thanksss **hugs back**