Saturday, January 24, 2009

how they make people like me confused

As I walked along Moscow Rd today, I thought to myself, my loaned time here is slowly passing, and will come to end sooner than I would want. Every day lounging in my room makes me feel the time is not well spent. Blaming the gloomy weather is just another sad excuse don't you think? But walking in the cold and night-sky coming before nights just couldn't count for a fine day for a walk around town.

There goes, more alasan. If I were to put everything off until summer, then time will fail me.


I usually only go to that Russian part in London for two reasons; to top-up our utilities credit, and to recycle. We are so canggih here, our electricity and gas use credit which, more often than not, decides to be fully used up at the most important of times, for the most recent example, when I was in the shower. Yes, you can try ask me how does it feel to be poked all over by a thousand needles. But that's a story for another day.

The mood I was in today was/(is?) rather different from other days. With my tudung lilit, lined eyes and glossed lips, I sure did put much effort for just running errands. And I surprised myself with my purchase from Boots today!

It should be known that my make-up collection (if mine even count as one) consists of a compact powder [which I have been using since forever], an eye-liner, a blusher and a brush, lip gloss and that's all. Other things are hand-me-downs from kaklong, which I left at home anyway. I was never the make-up wearer.

The unaccustomed me was faced with a challenge today: finding a mascara!

Omfg, the different types and descriptions and functions and blaaaahs. How to?!?! What's the difference? Which one is better?


I decided to bag the turbo boost, in black. Because that is one of the cheaper ones, ha ha. Oh, and a metallic green eye-liner. Raaar!

Now, let's just hope I put them to good use well before their expiry dates.

ps: Shampoo shopping is trickier now too due to the certain brands to be avoided. This is me, playing the littlest part I could.

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Dianagh said...

but visually illustrate the stunning, all made up neeners, yes!

love and balloons,
- disgruntled ex-mascara user.