Monday, January 26, 2009

I left the first page blank because I'm weird that way. This, is my new sketchbook, on the second page. Oh, have I got no name for it yet (is this even a proper sentence?). Me bought it last week, and it's one of the cheapest too. Because I'm cheap that way. The brand is Windsor & Newton. Sounds so English, ain't it? But I had a good laugh anyway when I saw the small print, made in Malaysia. Sungguh jauh =).

No point guessing who's original art I am trying to replicate =p. She looks like a drag in here, right?! Experimenting with my new magic colour I bought last week too..but no magic happening there! This, is definitely a permanent WIP. Because I couldn't be bothered that way.


fadhli said...

wah wah so magical!


nina said...

heyYy!!! are u mocKing me?! :/

Dianagh said...

wip i thought sangat cryptic kemudian beta berfikir sejenak dan a-ha! gotsit!

oi mengarut la. lawa apa. ish.

balik kejap and go mrazzing with me please?

anti toksin said...

wah, ini pop art-andy warhol ni

mrsghani said...

salam...cantiknyieer...dah siap blom?
bila mau update ni?

Mai Ya . Lim said...

nina, bila nak lukis muka kita pulak?

nina said...

nanananana!: ala kite mane reti cryptic2 nih. tau tak, the colour tembus2 tau sbb kertas tu nipis je (and bila buat pakai water colour, like in the next entry, dia meleding!)

alaaa. saje je! kite miskin, cannot beli tiket balik;( ajak shuhid!!!

anti toksin kawan nana: a'ah. pop art andy lah ni. baru je discover haha (ketinggalan zaman kan?)

mamipoko: nina tak siapkan pun. dah mcm spoilt je. tapi nina buat bende lain pulak =)

maiiya: takut i dont do justice to your cute face pulak, hehe