Friday, May 01, 2009

alive and kicking!

Yerp! I still am!

God I miss writing =).

From my last check, it's been more than three months since I wrote anything here. (No wonder friends and family keep pestering me hehe).

That would have been the first trimester if my hiatus was a pregnancy.

ps: A 'real' update will hopefully follow this one up. This is just to inform people out there (who cares) that I haven't lost my ability to type (yet) ;p.

pps: Don't really count on it. My exams are looming so you know what will win the battle between books and blog.

ppps: This year will see those around my age tying the knot. It will not be too soon before babies start popping out.

We're not getting younger friends. Here's to getting wiser!


aQieYa said...

mmg dah lama sgt dah!!
awk pergi mana.....

oh oh

gafur's baby is gonna pop veryyy soon.... may or june... lebih kurang mcm tuh la....

Dianagh said...

yay! write la!

Jalilah said...

finally!!! an update.. hehe.. i mish u girl

Anonymous said...

miss u too niena =P

s u r a y a said... always wins over books!!!!!

nina said...

kiko: kite ade je kat sini.... tak gi mana pun ;p. waaaah uncle gafur!! ((excited pulak!))

nansy: ye laa. but no promises hee =). hi diana!

lely: lelykuuuuu..... rindu jugaaa! u must update yours tooo.

anonymous: noni, u ni moon kah? =)

suesue: ek? hehe. somewhat true.
ey, takmo kasi orang baca blog dah ka? last time i check, it's still privatised.

zw said...

ey aritu kita baca blog ema n saw ur picture..kwn mu kwn ku jua...huhu

rindu sangattttt kat korang!

nway...tying the not?? i loike~~

nina said...

ema?! she's uf friend fr sri aman kah?
kite tak berapa kenal sgt dia pun, but we went to this (networking) dinner together. hee

alaaa jgn la cakap rindu rindu niii =)

eh, awak pun this year kan, tie the knot? =D waaah

s u r a y a said...

ohya lupa nak ckp i quit blogging ;) bukan block u out ;p hihihi tc!