Tuesday, May 05, 2009

On looking like a gold fish

That is just what they do, korean dramas.

I've never (ever) followed one, regardless of how famous they were then. Suffice to say, the series I usually watch are occidental rather than oriental.

In this exam season, for the last three days to be precise, I succumbed to the lure of all things cute, and one complete season of them. Adorable leading lady, prince complex inflicted hero, male perfectly styled crowning glory (huar huar), melodious melody to spice things up, and in general, tear inducing plot or twist or whatever you name it before the happily ever after part.

Constantly I remind myself, get it out of your system quick, then back to your books. They are so addictive you cannot help yourself but be addicted ;).

The thing is, they make your tear ducts work overtime, involuntarily. The camera just have to be focused on their faces (which are full of emotion but with minimal facial expression!), then some music on the background.

And there you go- A Sobbing Nina. An Unstoppable Crying Nina.

Enough for now. Mari belajar! "Aja aja fighting!" teeheehee


aQieYa said...

tgk full house ke cik nina?
best gilerr kann

aja aja!!!

nina said...

a aah =)

best ok?! skrg cam gatal nk tgk hana kimi pulak. tapi kne tunggu abis exam la kalu tak sungguh omg.

aja aja!

Anonymous said...

tahu tkpe. niena ketinggalan zaman. mun tgk full house zaman uitm lg..haha..btw cik niena dh start study for ACCA ke?? Gerun babe
Luv - moon

Mai Ya . Lim said...

Nina, it's not only Gold Fish, bagaikan Katak pun ada. Hehe!

nina said...

moon: better late than never~ hee
ala, start sket2 je. kalau last minute sgt, kite panic, satu hapa xmasuk ;(

maiya: hee. i know! when i look in the mirror i think of mata katak (mcm ju zaman dulu2 heehee). but for the purpose of blog writing, gold fish sounds more, hmm, comel?!

fadhli said...

blaja rerajin goldfish!


nina said...

thanks yo!

s u r a y a said...

full house adalah best :)