Tuesday, May 12, 2009

game plan

I have to say, one of the most interesting part time jobs there is is working in a toy shop. You work, and you play, and you get paid. You persuade people to want the things they don't know they secretly want. On Saturday I went to Hamleys. Oh, what a delightful place to be in! I saw the cutest sheep doll I think I squeaked. This is the best toy in the world, hailed the shop assistant (but he didn't mean it I could tell). We stopped for a while to see another guy doing magic tricks. I tempted to buy it but I didn't. I think it would be cool if I could perform some sort of tricks. For a change, let others be the ones who ternganga! You know that movie Edward Norton was in? The Illusionist. Next time, I must watch it till the end. A fine actor that Edward guy is. Made me cry buckets for hulk the incredible. But maybe because I just like to see every thing as a love story. I badly want to watch fight club though. Must do something with my to-watch list. Back to the toy store. It made me remember the games we used to play, my siblings and I. Most importantly, they reminded me of my parents. Thank you so much mak and abah for providing us with all those games and a memorable childhood. I appreciate them now as much as I appreciate them then.

ps: I will definitely take a Lego set back home!


fadhli said...

bwk blk lego? tiru idea saya! ;p

nina said...

technically no. i bring for me, u for ur adeks. heee

fine, i aje lah tiru. ;p