Sunday, August 23, 2009

bullet style

1. Research was done. Damage to bank account too. But I came back satisfied! Will probably upload some pictures from my trip. Probably.

2. It has been a month since I moved to Baker Street.

3. I think the fangirling bug is back?

4. Results came out early this week. I am very pleased with the two papers that I passed. Will do better for the one I didn't. Corporate finance, if you're wondering.

5. A lot of people are already married or getting married soon as I recently found out during general facebooking. Most importantly, congratulations to Ain and Camp!

6. I haven't seen my only nephew, the rapper Danny boy, but three of my friends had. Sila cakap, adakah itu fair?

7. It's going to be another raya in London this year. I am hoping to learn to cook some proper raya dish(es).

8. I really hope I will make the most out of this Ramadhan. InsyaAllah.

9. Oh, now I have a Swiss Army Knife of my own. Ngee.

10. Ini sajelah. Suka tak korang, blog ni dah update?


dianagh said...


diFa said...

akhirnyer~ huhu

Anonymous said...

sy sgt suka ^_^
selamat berpuasa niena.. n congrats for ur papers

Jalilah said...

and selamat berpuasa!!!

big bugis said...

suka suka...

Jaja® said...

danny boy hi-5 kat aunty nini..
thn ni dia raya ada baju melayu kaler biru yg sgt cute omg!!!

nina said...

nansy: ngeee beaver!!

diFa: yes, finally kan? haha

moon & lely: thanksies! korang amcam? selamat berpuasa dan beribadat juga! =)

adek: heee. baguslah. nanti update lagi =)

kakak: ape lagi....GAMBAR!!!! oh aritu nina call rumah kakak tak de pun;(