Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Moving, sounding picture =)

This is for Mak, and everyone else who's annoyed with this blog for every time they click it, there is no update or pictures. Hee.

Two days into Ramadhan, and we came out with this. Yes, second day puasa. Fasting here is actually doable, considering it was the end of summer into autumn which started earliest 3.40am and ended latest 8.15pm. It only got better.

((I am posting this without the consent of those involved, harap maklum ;p)). Enjoy!


Jaja® said...

haha, omg!
slamat ari raya!

big bugis said...

kakak...u yg dok duduk hujung kiri ke?

ashieBee said...

hahahaha semangat :P selamat berpuasa nina. and selamat hari raya in advance! *hugs**

fay said...

selamat hari raya dari semua rakyat malaysia.. eh?
hehe.. :P

nina said...

kakak: mmg omg pun. but we didnt send it in to any newspaper/ tv station pun. ngeh ngeh.
selamat hari raya!!

adek: a'ah, the one in pink & black. sharp eye adek =)

rashidah: semangat itu mmg penting =)
same goes to you machee. slmt berpuasa, beribadat dah berhari raya! hugs back

fay: ?? i dont get what ure saying fay. did we make any mistake? mm
anywayy gedik, selamat hari raya!! muah muah