Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The saying is true. Practice makes perfect.

Having done nothing much lately has made me lose touch of what I was at least able to do without much difficulty. Or, if in the past I was already having a hard time doing it, now it's become worse.

So, here's to gaining back lost momentum. Of what, I will not tell. This is not for me to be mysterious, but I am ashamed more than anything.

Oh, backdated posts are on their way. Feel free to ignore them if you want to. For now, I'll leave you with a picture of a buttercup, batman and a beaver in My Chemical Romance, if you know what I mean ;p.


shockresistant7 said...

Nina...! Selamat Hari raya~~

balik msia bile? my friend is going to london esok, nak masuk LSE..nina tgh buat ape skrg?

nina said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you too Maryam!! =)

blk msia soonest is feb 2010 because I still hv another paper to complete (exam in dec). class is once a week, so on other days, im free, not studying much.

what's ur friend's name? amek course ape? I'll prolly bump into her/him in the future..

shockresistant7 said...

hmm myfriend is taking her masters i think on something related to sociiology/ dia Nadiah (fullname tengku nadiahtul zahraa tengku adnan)

Good luck in your studies n your exam~!

dianagh said...

haha yay! neensies balik bawak uke thanks. i saw Her Royal Pinkness on facebook. excitinggg.