Saturday, March 27, 2010

If you know me, you'll know how I'm obsessed with cleaning my room. Spring cleaning is something I do all year round, yelah, Malaysia kan iklim khatulistiwa ;p.

So of course, that is something I would do now that I'm back. Kesian bilik, setahun lebih kene abai... One of the enjoyments I get from this activity, is the element of surprise and nostalgia. You'll never know the junk that you've accumulated. Well, not all junk lah, where's the fun in that?

I take forever to complete the whole process because I always get sidetrackked by the treasure I found. Sometimes I don't even remember I have them, or even if I remember, the sentimental me takes control.


I'll share one thing I found this time; my old 'journal' when I was travelling in Kluang to see Ju.

14 Dec 2005

Train bertolak kul 7.55 lbh kurang. Mula2 plan nak naik yg pkl 9.30. Nasib baik pg td mandi awal. Pukul 7.45 mak ju call kate train pukul 7.55. Menggelabah nak mampus. Ju dahle belum mandi. Kocoh2 siap nasib baik sempat sampai.

Sampai station tgk parents ju xbeli tiket lagi. haha. Breakfast cepat nak mampus main telan je. Pastu tgh makan dengar bunyi ketapi sampai. Ayah ju cakap "xpe nina, eat2x. take your time". Tapi dah menggelabah dah. Ju dh pegi dulu. Pastu skali ju jerit "Nina!!", cam satu kedai pandang. haha. Seb baik x tetinggal ketapi.

Us at the train station. But this was from Singapore going back to Johor.

Ok, firstly, Jumaiiyah, do you remember any of this? Haha. I don't, at all.

See, that's why it's important to write about your travel, or even daily life. Because you can't remember everything. Surely you can remember some highlights, but what about the details in the fabric? The things that made you smile, or cry. You think you can remember every thing because it just happened? Can you say that five years from now? I'm telling you, this is like a piece of time capsule for the future you. Having said that, however, I failed to keep a consistent journal myself. Iye, saya ketam, dan awak dah pandai berlari.

(Diana, I failed to fully utilize my Moleskine, and really, there's nothing much to show you. Boohoo kan?!)

I am pretty sure most people have been to the famous Kluang Station kopitiam. There's one in OU, a few at other places. The picture above is the original kopitiam, right at the Kluang train station, canteen style. I was having my breakfast there before literally catching my train ;p. Ju's family, run this kopitiam for already three generations now, all the way from her ah kong.

Maybe next time I'll tell about other things I find, you know, laying around ;p

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