Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show me the money

Last time I checked my statement, the current balance is less than the amount I put in. It's either the return is too low, or fees too high. (I mean, even though an amount was deducted iniatially for fees, shouldn't annual dividend bring it back up?) Is this a hidden problem beleaguering unit trusts? I was about to consider taking it all out and just go with the trusted ol ASB when my brother told me that PIEF is actually profitting. Maybe I should just hold and wait for the next statement and annual report.

He sure reads a lot about money making oppurtunities. All fired up, my brother. Kagum aku. His latest interests are CPO futures and encouraging us to invest. But the smallest lot for that is RM5k and being the risk-averse person that I am, parting with my money, of that amount, is something I am not ready to do at the moment, what's with my current status as an unemployed. (Wow that's a mouthful!) We'll see how it goes with him. Belinya belum lagi, a lot of things to consider. If all goes well, maybe taking a calculated risk is worthwhile. In the mean time, I should just stick with my little ZigZag venture (come on buyers! Tie Rack scarves selling cheaaaap!!!).

Oh, on a somewhat related note, let me tell you that I am not yet a chartered accountant although I have passed my exams. I am now an ACCA affiliate, and with limited 'real world' experience, I am in no place to give you professional advice. My two-cents are yours, if you insist.

p/s: I'm infected by my brother's enthusiasm and trying to read as much as I can before committing to anything now. Mari semua, find our way to financial freedom! :)


dianagh said...

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nina said...

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oh fanks. i try lah. :)

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