Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been back for more than three weeks, yet I haven't written a single reflective post on the dream I had; one that lasted for a year and a half. Although I appreciate the warm welcome back wishes I had received, my BIL put it quite rightly on my fb once before- Welcome back to the Real World.

Yes, with all that is good, bad and ugly (about it).

In the short span of twenty-odd days, every now and then, of course, I still do long for that same dream, wishing I could relive it, wishing it would be longer, wishing I could live it better. But that is just it, wishing.

And in the long span of twenty-odd days too, I have managed to do nothing much. Nothing much compared to what should have been done by someone who has not been on home ground for four seasons and some.

Let's hope this vicious cycle ends soon.

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