Monday, May 30, 2011

Kata kerja

I dont know, now that I've included my employer in my facebook, will that render unwanted visits...?

You'll never know, HR and bosses these days.

Let's just assume that nobody really cares and start bit©hing about work now shall we?


I've been with the company for a little more than a year now. Ups and downs, yes. Completed one cycle of everything, well except for final tax comp which is the next major exercise. In case you're wondering what I do, I basically do everything. Not for the big parent company, like people always thought (oooh, nina jaga akaun, kira duit perkonas*), but for the smaller paper companies it has from reporting, mgt accounting, taxation, budgeting, working capital management & operations etc. Kira, macam company sendirilah, tapi tak buat executive decision je (in other words, machaii). On top of that, there's the initiative, which someone please tell me why do we need it and explain the concept of above and beyond to the people up there. Seriously. FC whaaat?

Bored 'dy?

Takda gossip panas dari nak cerita la. Ofis I orang baik2, macam I jugak. Ha ha.

To be honest, the last couple of months had been quite great, comfortable. I could say, enjoyable even (gulp). We are not becoming complacent bunch, just that the unnecessary stress is temporarily, n/a? (Omg, I'm giving away too much now). Soon, not to say the comfort will be taken away, but rather the source of unnecessary stress will 'resurface'.

Epp. Cukup. Mana boleh komplen.

Kata kerja....

I love my job. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.
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