Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To do

- sign up twitter (must follow traffic updates)
- apply credit card (pls leave a comment if you have recommendation/word of caution on any bank's card)
- print payslip for safekeeping
- shape up by next friday haha (must fit the m.o.h's baju kurung moden. Cannot be buldging here and there oh nooo)
- if the above fails, buy whatever body shaper thingy. One-piece, two-peace, half-peace whatever. Lain kali jangan bun©it
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Jaja® said...

1. twitter kena ada, kata guna android.
2. cc - cari yg waive annual fee. i wanna terminate my citibank nnt k.
3. try spanx. kalau ok nnt kaklong pun nak beli =p

fadhli said...

twitter, yezza!

sila sign up for foursquare juga. :)

nina said...

Yela, twitter mesti.

Kakak, bank apa yg waive annual fees dia? Kat malaysia dah jual spanx eh? Ke kene beli online? Dulu ada kuar kat oprah.

Fadhli, u suruh I sign up foursquare nk monitor I pegi mana eh? Huhu

fadhli said...

well, it works both ways ;)