Wednesday, February 16, 2005


last monday, my blog became somewhat more popular.. hehe.. my classmates were reading it during our english class, including alif.. remember what i wrote in my previous entry? "alif gedik".. hehe.. he was a little mad i guess, so he asked me to clear his name..fine.. so people, here goes....."alif memang gedik"... hehe...xdela.. x gedik pun..poyo je.. u said it yourself, it's no biggie, tapi pi heboh kat orang pulak.. mana saya tak marah.. it's about my reputation laa....

okay, so in conjuction with velentine's day yesterday, i would like to share a piece of writing, a sonnet i composed when i was in form four.. remember the fisrt thing we learned during eng literature? yes, sonnet 18 by shakespeare (excuse the spelling)...shall i compare thee to a summer's day?..... our teacher asked us to write our own poem/sonnet with the theme 'LOVE 'as our first assignment.. so this was mine...(and again, please excuse my spelling>


seeing the smile on your luscious lips,
makes me happy, feel like i can fly,
dreaming of you everynight in my sleep,
but when i wake up i begin to cry

when you're gone i feel so sorrow,
but when you're here i pretend you dont exist,
wondering what will happen tomorrow,
can i take it, can i resist?

every day this feeling grow deeper,
spreading all over my body like a wild fire,
never become less only much stronger,
it's unbreakable like the blue sapphire,

is it really love or just an infatuation,
is it reality or just my imagination....

this sonnet, is originally composed by me.. betul..plz give me credit if you wanna use it..summore, i wanna make some belated birthday wishes to these people..

kaklong.....13 feb
yani & budin.....5 feb
adlan.....30 jan
basirah, nizaha & anies.....29 jan
shatila.....17 jan
AJ Mclean(my childhood heartthrob, hehe).....9 jan
liyana taff....3 jan

you people, sorryla takde's the thought that counts maaa...hehe..and for those that i've missed, happy belated bday as well...

and for my friends who asked for pictures, please click to the link "picture" above.. i already have a fotopages account, so i'll upload pictures there.. it will be a bit late, because i'm busy (name pun fast track student, hehe).. so wait for more pictures..

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Jalilah said...

haha, alif mmg gedik! hihi.. nina, you have to teach me how to link people!!!! tolong yer... hey, leave la comments on my posts!!!