Monday, February 28, 2005


i've been reading other people's blogs lately. some of them left me impressed, big time(one of them is yours, nana banana, and owh, ur friend as well, ihsan).now i begin to wonder, where does my blog stand. haha. it's a wild goose chase kind of comparison for i know, my unhappening daily events i've been writing will never measure to those insightful, provoking and creative writing. need to brush my skill in those areas. even made a new resolution to start posting quality entries. hehe, a resolution with a short life span, knowing myself all too well..

sometimes i'm out of idea on what the hell to write(no, actually i always have tonnes of insignificant, petty topics that reside at the back of my brain perpetually when i'm munching, frolicking or whatever-ing, except when i AM actually writing.see the problem? they play hide and seek.) and people can say "the sky is the have endless choice". yes,i know. but i dwell in a place where i see the cotton candy cloud being substituted with the spiderweb. hehe. excuse. a lame one. bottom line is, i am not that creative, anymore. i guess, my time has passed.

hmm, just for me to know= i saw YOU. YOU watched me, i knew it. wanna play hard-to-get. be my guess..hmmph.. nak sombong? aku sombong balik..... hahahahahahaha (hampa)

owh, today i played netball (clue for YOU), and as usual, we lost. yeay! haha. no doubt we've made some improvement from the last time. itu telur suda pecah daaa...
(see, i have even began to blab about my unhappening happenings)

i better stop now. need to study pips. ANC recipient wannabe. hehe.
later alligator.

oops, there's an alternative. i can go watch 'just married' on starmovies right about now. hehe. books can wait, but aston kutcher can't..

hehe.........i like!


Jalilah said...

lor... i myself hope to be creative. i just hope that i can write what goes on in my brain like some people can but i just couldn't lar... my vocab is limited. hihi... you don't have to be a creative writer to really speak what's on your mind.

Maiya said...

Erm...doesnt really need to be creative to write. Doesn't need to impress others. In my opinion, blogspot ni, is something for yourself, and you write for someone you really care about. So who cares orang lain nak cakap apa tantang your blogspot. As long as you suka, then no hal lar kan? Haha~~~ maybe ur opinion lain, kekeke~~~kitorang kan selalu bertentangan pendapat. Hehe!! ^_^.

Kita suka ur blogspot, tak perlu nak meningkatkan mutu hanya utk mensatisfykan org lain. Just be urself!!