Saturday, March 05, 2005

nothing much


plz disregard my previous entry since i'm back to blab about my 'important n gempak' life.. hehe

this week has been a stressful one. babi banyak tests, quiz and assignments. i think i suffered some kind of a nervous breakdown, so, sorry to those affected by my unacceptable behaviour. blame it on the workload. haha

among other things, i get pissed off by a few things lately.

a) cheaters : i admit i had been one (which i REALLY REGRET later)-(yeah, go and judge me). i'm talking about cheating during exam. i used to, and still am, a firm believer of "study ni nak kene berkat, baru berjaya" .lately, for a reason i can't force my mind to figure out, it seems like a trend to cheat during tests(among my coursemates). as a friend of mine once put it " ala, terpaksa buat camni, nak survive" -> (ooo, sgtla university student life). i pity those who share that kind of belief. seriously. what good is survival without keberkatan. yes, yes, who am i to say what is berkat and what is not, but i feel it's the only right thing to do. my layer of protection againts "........." has been thinned down (or actually strengthen) and like it or not, i am forced to face the so-called real world where for some people, the end simply justifies the means, and it's unfair. some say, it's the key for survival, but to me,it's just an excuse, comforting thought for the corrupted mind. haha. the latter part is not just about cheating during test, but other things as well. i just want to point out that, eventhough life is unfair, God is always just. enough said.

my story: during test 1, i dare say 90% of my batch was cheating. at first i was reluctant to succumb to the 'trend', but since almost everyone was doing it, and that the paper was so freaking hard, i did it. later, i felt terrible, esp to those who fight their battle clean and yet failed. so now, i'm back to my real self. no cheating except intai2 orang sebelah n compare answers. hehe-- ala, semorang pun)

when people ask, "ei, camne awak study haa" (plz bear in mind that it's never in my intention to brag, just bitching(above) and preaching(below).. haha), i usually failed to give a satisfactory answer. my standard unqualified reply is " macam orang lain jugak, ie bukak buku n bace").. today, i would like to share my recipe for success..haha

1) tido kene cukup, so the brain can function at its best.. haha(pandai2la korang curi mase nak tdo)
2) makan kismis ( ni petua mase nak PMR, skrg dah tak pakai. haha)
3) kurangkan kutuk cikgu or lecturer and other people ( come on, you can do it. they are not THAT bad)
4) jgn lupa exercise ( badan cergas, otak cerdas, body pun maintain. hehe)
5) for muslims (rajin2la buat s hajat ke, tahajud ke n jaga bende2 lain- what u give you get back)
6) jgn kedekut ilmu (org tnye explain, lagi bole ingat)
7) try to concentrate 100% dlm kelas n jot down ape lecturer ckp yg agak2nye cam penting. (works for me, since malas nak study luar dr kelas, dengar leklok ape lecturer ckp, n try to absorb, psl nnti, bile jmpe question ke hape, " eeeee.... aku rase cam penah dengar la bende ni"...and one more thing, pegi dengar lecture.. salin notes kawan or bace buku sendiri tak sehebat dengar ape yg kuar dr mulut lecturer sebijik-sebijik, lg pun, kalu kawan yg explain, tu dah kurang best.. 2nd hand info)
8) once a while, walk the extra mile
9) nak study last minute takpe, tp takut tak sempat je.. pastu biler tak sempat, baca laju2 konon nak absorb byk2, lastu nanti otak tepu, lastu nanti sendiri confused n gelabah. kesimpulannya, pandai2 la budget tengok style diri sendri
10) all work and no play makes jack a manager... haha.. no-lah.. korang, kalu yea pun giler study (studeholic- wujud tak word ni? hehe), take time to chill and meronggeng. serious berkesan. carila aktiviti yg korang suka. saya suka gi tgk movie.. yeay!


b) orang cop kan tempat for late-comers. oi, first come first serve la doing!! no further elaboration..

la la la.........i hope i am not being too harsh la people esp about cheaters tuh. i'm afraid one day i'll just have to eat back my words. hopefully i wont have to.

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