Wednesday, March 16, 2005

malasnyer nak stadi

internal conflict @ monologue kemalasan

bad nina: hmm, nak update blog la sekejap..hehe

good nina: oii, go study you lazy bum

bad nina: ala, it will just take a while

good nina: you and your excuses!!!

bad nina: no, this time i'm serious. i'll go study straight away after this entry. dont you trust me anymore?

good nina: of course i dont. what happened after you watched million dollar baby. you barely touched your book.

bad nina: excuse me!! i did read some investment theory. a good one chapter. hehe

good nina: right..

bad nina: what am i supposed to do? my concentration span is so....bleargh. but at least that is something, right?

good nina: wow! that IS must be extremely ready for your paper then?

bad nina: are mean you know that.

good nina: yes, i know it all right! hmm, why don't you take a look at that corner over there....see anything?

bad nina: what? where? i don't see no nothing (nigger-ish)

good nina: tuu......

bad nina: takde pun..

good nina: adeh bengap nyer...YOUR EXAM IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!! get it?

bad nina: hehehe.... i see... there they are>> what are they doing at that corner? hehe

good nina: barb-bie lampi.. oii, wutcha doing this friday?

bad nina: berjimba-jimba di stadium putra. yeay!

good nina: and on sunday?

bad nina: mmmm, dah start peksa

good nina: so.............?

bad nina: okay, okay.. i'll go study. you don't have to nag, i already have a mother. we share one.

good nina: brilliant!

bad nina: but let me finish with this entry.. i just want to upload some pictures.

good nina: which one?

bad nina: the ones we snapped during BEL 315(communication in the workplace).

good nina: owh, during the role play about lack of work ethics. eit, we cleaned up pretty good eh?

bad nina: definitely! julia roberts will be fighting for the oscar this year once others are aware of our hidden talent.

good nina: haha

the cast- ain, nina, ju, kerel, alep n zac Posted by Hello

the cast, again.. hehe Posted by Hello

here's nina- looking like a kambing (someone was cracking a joke behind the camera, i'm telling you) Posted by Hello

yes, me as the nerd girl in the office. mengahayati watak kan? Posted by Hello

bad nina: now, i can go learn something... but i feel sorry for you people out there..

good nina: why? i am sure they are happy now that you can go and menimba some ilmu

bad nina: but, they'll be missing me...

good nina: why is that so?

bad nina: since i am about to take off to the star of D, i wont be updating. i'll be having some sort of a hiatus. and that means, no more news and happening events from me.. i'm sorry that the people out there have no good material to read..what a waste. but, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.. right?

good nina: absolutely. now you're speaking... but, where are you going again? i've heard about nebula and others, but the star of D is so alien to me..

bad nina: oi, pegi star-d (study) la ngok!! lampi

good nina: ooooo.......huhuhahaha( monkey-ish). lets!

i am now acting crazy/loola because i have no better thing to do, except to torture my brain with formulas and more formulas of course. ngehehe. actually, i am a good student, so i am not going to complain. betul.. saye tahu tanggungjawab terhadap ibu bapa, and most importantly, my future. no one's gonna pick up my mess except myself, kan?

okay, before i stop, some words of wisdom here:

"time heals everything..." -abah-
it is indeed true.. right nina?

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Jalilah said...

woi nina, cepat study, nnt awak nak pegi konsert plak!!! hihi... dah tengok tak blog kiter??? kiter malas nak buat cantik2.nntla tunggu both of us ada masa, then awak bleh la ajar kiter kan???? hehe...