Thursday, March 10, 2005



1) went to see SEPET. best!! so go. go see now!. hehe. saya nangis..itu apek sangat comel liau. hihihi :)

2) kaklong already bought two tickets for "forces of nature". yeay! i have to start study now(wishful thinking) since maf380 paper is two days after the concert. note to self: besok ade quiz FAR!

3) mak, nenek n kaklong are watching GERAK KHAS. haha. good for them. "bergerak, wahai demi untuk negara,ha.. melawan siapakah musuh durjana,ha"(sing it AC's style)

4) some overused phrases make me feel annoyed each time i hear it from pseudo-hollywood-teenager-wannabes (serious rase nak ketuk). btw, i don't have any problem with people who speak english or trying to improve themselves(because i belong in these category sometimes), but please, keep the slang/accent away. if you are a Malaysian, be proud of it and just quit the unnecessary 'loghat inggeris' ala lizzie mcguire. ntahla, some people can do it without making me feels like vomitting, but some are so terrible. ni lah ayat-ayat yang paling menyampah nak didengar from gossipers out there:

* "Oh My God!" (with the nasal voice of Fran Dresher or Janice, the ex of Chandler)
* "I was like....and he was like....and then, she was like.......and like hello? i was like....." (quit the LIKE and you'll save 3.56minutes to actually say what you want to say..hehe)
* "ooo, gosh!"

please take note: certain people have the kelebihan of saying those phrases naturally and impress me, but ohters.......lupakan saja. i prefer proper english. period.

5) okay, by the time i write point no 5(now), gerak khas dah abeh, and now cerita puteri.. budak-budak yg gedik-gedik best la

nnti smbg lagi yea?!
la la la

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