Saturday, April 23, 2005



sape blum tgk SAHARA? baik pi tgk, best, never a dull moment. cam nk tgk lagi psl aritu duduk second row, kurang penghayatan. while ppl may drool over the hero, matthew mac-i-dono-how-to-spell, steve zahn who does not fall under the tall,dark n handsome category but rather shorter than average n chubby yg tetap ku suka. haha

mm, went to menara SAAS tadi. visit my friends' stall yg menjual pelbagai jenis air. ade zamil, aqie, hanah, abg bob n some others. amboi, business minded sungguh budak2 ni. bagus2. keep up the good work!


this is a general statement for those yg pandang rendah terhadap budak2 yg amek accountancy. (ye, saya tau saya tak belajar medicine/ engineering yang sangat gempak mcm orang lain). accounting is not just about crunching numbers and bookkeeping you know? bukan setakat bukak account macam belajar KHB form 2. accountants are professionals too, bknnyer sub-professional (okayla, it depends on your qualification). we have professional papers that are recognised nationally and internationally, like ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA n MICPA just to name a few. besides, we have MIA- the body that regulates the practice of public accountants in malaysia. so, there you go, dont underestimate the accountants. just look at some of the big names in this country, dont be surprise that they have accounting background. even chef wan.

lighter notes- we learn other subjects as well like economics (never liked it), auditing, investment, costing, e-commerce, law, finance, statistics.. so far, i can say that i like INVESTMENT the most (i know this is one of the loath-able subject, tp ntah, zarina suka investment jgk-for now). i plan to invest one day. and make big fat money. haha. bukan mata duitan, tapi untuk kesejahteraan hidup. ppl may say, 'money is the root to all evil' and 'money does not bring happiness'. banyak ah korang.. how bout stability? i do not come from a wealthy family, so every ringgit counts for me. now, i start small. ASB dulu. nnti after habis study, dh ckup experience n aftr i've done my homework, tgk la, maybe i'll take the next big step n invest in securities or whtevr. now, i've learnt a little bit of investment theory, but it aint enuff. hari tu cakap kat abah, "abah, nina rase nina nak melabur laa".. he replied, "nina study dulu betul- betul. that's an investment".

in gist, 'education is investment'. renungkan..

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