Wednesday, June 22, 2005

macam macam ada


stress busters v. stress boosters (not that i'm THAT stressed)

1. k, i know exercise reduces stress, because it releases endorphin, and endorphin makes ppl happy(elle woods;legally blond).. so just now i went to tasik like i usually do- it's one of the things i'll end up doing when i'm down n broke because 1-it's free, 2-it benefits my body 3- i can cuci mata melihat mamat2 4- ia agak menimbulkan kesedaran kalu dah senja2 tu dgr org ngaji... (someone i know used to say that orang2 yg pegi tasik are jiwang... well, it depends on what u do laa kan.. one time, i went jogging till maghrib n i think i actually saw JAIS ppl in action.. haha) anyway, that's not the point. when i ws warming up b4 started jogging, i realised that i ws very full. perut cam berat semacam ntah makan hape ntah.. so tak jadi pulak nak jogging.. cam after all my effort pi salin baju, cari tracksuit n gosok tudung di petang2 ni, i ended up terlalu kenyang untuk jogging. cam gedik kan?sgt gedik. so jalan je la kan.. wat else can i do. takkan nak blk gitu je kan. lagi tension. satu lagi naik geram is my panty yg placement asyik lari je. very uncomfortable. kalah G-string. haha. so i have to stop at all the public toilet to adjust that bloody triangular thing. rupa2nya skrg toilet kat tasik skrg dh kene bayar 20cent. cheycheychey.. akhirnya, saya jogging la sket, bile perut cam dah sedap sket. eventho it ws 1/3 of my normal track, but i doubled the speed so they kinda make up for each other la kan...

2. k, i also know that music alleviates stress. once again i wanna stress here that i'm not particularly stressed, just pointing out the irony of the situation. today, i came 'face to face' again with the black piece of wood in my living room after quite a while, only to discover that 1- the piano telah dicemari dengan finger prints n kesan minyak dan saya terpaksa kesat dgn tekun dan berhemah - how can u say "CANNOT PLAY LAH SWEETPEA" to your 4year old tantrum-prone cousin in front of their parents when she wants to bang her small little fingers(yg berminyak sbb mkn goreng pisang)at the keyboard kan? 2- i've lost my touch(not that i have any touch pun). hmm, tula, semenjak tgk AF ni, rase rindu gak la nak main piano. but the problem is, i have the skill of a 12year old pianist. very pathetic. agak merangkak jgkla nak bace notes. mozart n clayderman punya easy peasy pieces pun tak termain. benci tau. tau. sangat menyesal stop piano class mase darjah 6. nak concentrate for UPSR konon. ptuih!! cam susah sangat je UPSR tu... hahaha. kalu smbg kelas at least smpai PMR ok la sket kan.. skrg jari jemari pun dah keras takle nak buat ape.. hmm.. xpe, byk lagi cara lain nak balance kan penggunaan left and right brain..

ok....... cukupla setakat ni cerita2 stress... dahla entry sblm ni pun bunyi cam agak depressing.. nnti orang ingat saya ni cam orang yg sgt bermasalah dan penuh ngan crisis.. heh. no-lah. I AM VERY HAPPY, CHEERFUL & ORGANISED PERSON... please detect the sarcasm.. haha

hmm... this afternoon i watched oprah. i'd have to say, it's my favorite talk show in the universe(minus dr phil). oprah's one the highest paid celebrity/host pun kan? ade sorang mamat ni ckp "how come u pay so much money for something that women do- TALK" haha.. i sometimes wish that one day, i can be on the show, during oprah's favorite things episode... my god, i love free things. and freebies fr oprah are like dewa segala barang percuma. one time she gave away a car to each person on the show. yes. life is unfair. kat msia ni, ape free things yang best ek? glass? tupperware? no wonder suddenly your home is stocked with 6 boxes of DARLIE toothpaste.

back to oprah- today's topic was plastic surgery. OH MY GOD, ppl can be sooooo vain and, stupid, i dare say. forget about being a drug addict or heavy smoker, ppl(some) are now addicted to plastic surgery. bukan ade OCD je, skrg ade BDD jgk. wth? obsession with perfection?! pi mampus.. a 28 yr old lady has done 26 operations, and still wants more. she looks so fake, like a plastic barbie doll- personally i think the 'before' is way better than the 'after'. one husband says he would divorce his wife if she ever gets under the knife again. they have to refinance their house in order to pay the debts and that poor husband has to work 3 jobs to pay for the surgeries. the wife says, she would be happier if she could just do a liposuction on her legs. like hello?!?!?! i dont think she actually believes wat she says. oprah asks her "havent u tried going to the gym" and her response was "i dont want ppl to see me in my gym suit"..she just expects to be thin without doing the exercise..

happiness comes fr within not fr surgeries... even a three yr old knows that..

saya harap saya tak jadi cam tu laa.. ya, semorang nak cantik.. tapi kalu smpai buat plastic surgery memanjang, ape hal?? i'm still in the process to accept n love myself the way i am.. macam hakikat hidung saya tak mancung, mata saya tak bulat, kulit saya tak cerah, i have a prominent double chin (hehe- murah rezeki org kata), lemak2 berlebihan (it keeps me warm) kat body parts spt tut, tut, dan tut... haha.. xpela, org tetap cakap saya COMEL!!!!! kan? kan? kikiki

baca chic lit novels mmg menghilangkan tension.. lagi la kalu makan coklat.. sedap woo. last week habis sepeket coklat daim n hersheys saya balun... ngehehe.

there are a few things in my life skrg yg tgh tak tersusun.. hopefully miracles can happen and that everything will fall into place at the right time......amin..

yeye... dah book dah ticket for AF nyer 4th concert. Fanat giler takle handle laaaa... walaupun mawi cam kengkadang rempit, n nari cam agak2 tonggek (hahahahahaha)<<< ni kutuk-kutuk sayang>>>, sy tetap suka. tapi cam diary tadi, mawi asyik gelak2 je dlm kelas... adeh.. xpe2.. teruskan usaha.. ehehe, aqie, ju n foi nampak saya masuk TV ms 3rd concert haritu.. hehe.. cam agak jakun di situ..ju ckp saya cam control2 ayu... muahahaha.. kalu korang tak perasan, kitorang bertiga (me, kaklong, ama) yg pegang pom-pom warna merah putih tu......(pompom netball)

okla, tu je... gamba ade kat fotopages.. sket je.. tatatatatata.....

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Jalilah said...

wah, panjangnye entry. takpe, kite comment satu2...
1: True, music alleviates stress. Exercise, I don't really know tapi everytime i'm in the swimming pool and just floatkan diri telentang(do you even know what telentang is?)kite akan rasa very tenang.
2: God, you can read notes? you can play piano? Oh, how I wish I can be musically talented. Haha...
3: I watched Oprah almost everyday. I really love Oprah Prime time coz I get to see a lot of stars in that program. But Oprah biasa ni pun best gak. yup, I did watch episode tu. Gile mmg bangang pompuan tu. Muka mmg fake gile. Pastu masalahnya, diorang tak sedar diri even after going on oprah. still nak buat lagi minah barbie doll tu. Tak pk ke yang plastic surgery ni akan mendatangkan kesan sampingan? Btol, happiness comes from within. Kalo nak kata awak nye body tak perfect, apatah lagi la kite. hihi, but i believe that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses so we just have to accept who and what we are, btol tak?
4: Chic lit mmg sangat menghilangkan tension. Kite baru je update xanga kite pagi tadi citer pasal how fun chic-lits are. hehe...
5: Yes everything will fall into place tapi miracles rarely happen honey. Doa je la yang it will happen
6: Last but not least, tak minat af la... camne nak buatkan diri ni minat???