Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm 21 and f&n is a month

I've spent the whole of last week lazing around, doing practically nothing that's academically related. It's holiday, for my brain's sake. Thus, when classes resumed on Monday, I've turned into a nocturnal being, trying to complete all sorts of unfinished businesses. The week preceeding to my micro mini break was filled with 5 excruciating papers so who can blame me, right? I needed MY break.

And now I look like half a raccoon. One night (morning) I slept at 6.30am and had I not taken a sleeping pill on another night, I would have sleepwalked whispering mandarin phrases for a test the next day.

Wait seminit..! Do you actually believe I consumed a sleeping pill? If yes, you should be ashamed of yourself.

So, what's happened since my last update?

Well, I've turned 21 for one (on Sept 11th for those who dont know). And F&N is a month old. Hehe. These are the events worth remembering among all the mediocre things that revolve around me. Owh well owh well.

There's nothing extraordinary about hitting 21. You'll feel special for a day or two. And then, everything comes back to normal. The usual you. For me, 21 year old Nina is not much different from the 20 year old one. Perangai-wise. If you know me, you'll see that nothing much has changed. I goof around with Families and Friends all the time though sometimes, inappropriately. Haha. Too bad. A few weeks back we had a kenduri at our house and I was greeting my aunties with "YO WHASSUP?"(complete with the handshake), when i should have said "ASSALAMUALAIKUM MAKCIK. APA KHABAR? SIHAT?". And I also took credit for Fifi's groping hands when I have actually done nothing to instigate her. Hee hee. Kids these days (!).

However, something does change. I have an additional 'F' to goof around with aside from Families and Friends. :)

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