Wednesday, October 18, 2006

short stories

Big 4, Big Deal.

So I've been offered to do my six month training at Ernst & Young (M). I'll be attached to the Audit Department, under Technology, Communication and Entertainment Group. Oh that sure sounds nice, no? I cant imagine the works I'll be doing. (Will they be challenging? Or boring? Or will I just provide cheap labour to the company?). Ha. I'll let myself worry about that when the time comes.

And today, finally, the offer letter came after weeks of anticipation. There's this clause of 'confidentiality of client's information' bla bla bla 'breach of duty' bla bla. Scary. Professionalism that is.

Mr Carl, you darl.

On my way to BEL class last 2 weeks, the day of my group presentation, I met with an accident. I guess it was the first real accident I've ever had. The brake was not working so the car just couldnt stop. And guess what, Mr Carl ran into a big fat yellow bus. And kemek. Whether the incident could be classified as 'langgar lari' I'm not certain. Anyhow, Alhamdulillah me and Ain was alright. It could have been worse if the brake decided to fail on me at the roundabout just outside UITM where I was speeding like a mad woman late to class. And I should be grateful that I took the longer route instead of speeding down Bukit Tonggek. I wouldnt be here to tell the tale otherwise.

A blessing in disguise.

Dear En. Azhar from AIA insurance,

I'm so glad that you called. I believe it's Allah's way to get to me. How else would you contact me out of the blue, using my details from Ticket Charge, which service I used ages ago to book tickets using my sister's credit card. I am sorry that I didnt actually hear your explanation about your company's new service and that I called you En. Idrus(?) instead. My mind was everywhere. Or nowhere. That's why I set my alarm to go off at 23.33 instead of 14.43. And that's what happens when you're sleep deprived.

Nevertheless, thanks once again for waking me up. I would've missed my mandarin listening test if it wasnt for you.


Kata orang tua-tua

"..jangan menyanyi kat dapur, nanti kahwin dengan orang tua.."

Siti dulu2 mesti selalu test vocal sambil masak kat dapur kan? Tengok la dengan siapa dia kahwin.

Kalau selalu nyanyi dalam bilik air macam mane? Nak Dato' F bole? hehe

And the answer is not 42

SACC has got everything. Ha. From Secret Recipe, to Dave's Deli, to MPH, all the way to a clean comfy surau. Most of all, it's where we find the meaning of Love, Life and Euthanasia (!). Ha again. And mind you, the answer is never 42.

The day I became a model

Yes, I've tried and memperagakan my baju raya(s) yang sudah siap dijahit. All n pasang of them. Har har har. Saya ni, nak kata raya sakan, tak la jugak. Kate pun nak final after cuti raya. Tapi ntah la.

Last night, I catwalked like a cat walking. Ha. Meow!

WTH kan?

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