Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No more drama, please.

No more drama, PLEASE.

Owh Mr Carl if you only knew what you've caused me. Cant you just be a good car without giving me so much drama!! You've given me an accident once, and now, more?!?!. Well yeah I havent been too good an owner myself, but, come on!

Not only have you failed to start on the morning of my BEL paper which was preceeded by accumulated bad luck and caused domino effects to entail (father went outstation, mother's car in the workshop, friends are already in the exam hall, phone line was barred, undue apprehension, trembling for the first few minutes of the paper, bla bla bla), you never make it easy for us even when we were trying to 'jump start' you just now.

But whatever happened, ( kinda scorched my palm, got help from neighbours and daddy of course, being watched by spectators along jalan bunga cempaka and 'gerai' goers which are probably UiTM students as we were pushing Mr Carl down the road<"ambik lajak lagi", "dier tak mau gigit laa">, got uncalled for 'kata-kata' from daddy who always means good, bla bla bla), Mr Carl is up and running. Thank God!

Later, I'm gonna betulkan apa2 yg patut dibetulkan kat Mr Carl, and when I say I, I mean me and abah. Hehe. Regardless of my laments and complaints, I am ever so thankful that I have that GREEN MONSTER to move me around and about. I hope it wont be so problematic once I start my training. I dont want to put over reliance on 1-800-daddy, kan?

I still sayang you Mr Carl.

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Sara said...

saye sudah eksiden 2 kali. hoho.